The Words of the Rapada Family

East Coast Filipino Families Celebrates Christmas

Emiljun Rapada
December 24, 2008

Clifton, NJ -- The Bayanihan Filipino International, an organization of Five Hundred Filipino families in the United States of America celebrated the Annual Christmas Party at the New Jerusalem Family Church, NJ on December 24, 2008 with the theme: “Unified Blessed Central Families Towards the 9th Year of the Chung Il Guk”.

Forty families from New Jersey, New York, Washington DC and Maryland participated the Christmas Party and showcase talents from the second generations. The displays of talents include Martial Arts demonstration, dancing and singing. The adults on the other hand competed on Christmas caroling and videoke.

The celebration was more memorable with the presence of Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim, the Co-Continental Director of North America. In his speech, he said “When I heard about this Filipino Christmas Party, I have to cancel my family gathering and attend your party”. He went on to say “I love the Filipino people and I am always happy around them”. He sang four songs entitled “Oh Holy Night”, “How Great Thou Art”, “You Raise Me Up” and the “Lord’s Prayer” during the event as a gift to everyone. Everybody felt very much loved and happy. What’s more, Rev. Barry Geller, the District Director of FFWPU-NJ/PA/DE and his wife also attended the party and shared a very inspiring message. “Let us not forget the very reason why we are celebrating this season. It is to bring people to the understanding of love as exemplified by our Lord Jesus”.

During the occasion, families of Mar Barlaan, Elena Bahian, Emiljun Rapada and Bobby Paquit were recognized for their invaluable contribution and unending support for the development of the Filipino Community locally and nationally. A video presentation on the Global Peace Festival in Philippines was also shown showcasing the victory in the conflict-torn area of Mindanao.

In the spirit of giving, the Bayanihan Filipino International and Clean World LLC, a company owned by Rev and Mrs Greg Agulan donated three poster collections to the New Jerusalem Family Church. Also, the community greeted all December birthday celebrants with cake and songs.

Yuka Agulan won first place for the Videoke contest with a score of 97%.

The party was such a success with the usual cooperation and unity of the community members. Looking forward a new year, the Filipino members are always committed to support the local churches and the mission of America as an elder brother nation.

The Christmas Party was made possible through the efforts and support of Bobby Paquit, Greg Agulan, Edward Busque, Agnes, EJ Rapada, Merly Barlaan, Bahian family, Elmo dela Madrid and most especially Charlie Andoy, who prepare the food. And others who contributed financially and help the preparation. 

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