The Words of the Putri Family

Religious Youth Service (RYS) Participant Experiences

Dwi Rahmatullah and Wiwi Febriana Putri
April 23 - 27, 2008

Sixty volunteers took part in the joint RYS and SFP Indonesia project. The project included leadership training, religious visitations, service project building of a multifunction hall and a cultural evening. Selected testimonies suggest a successful program.

Dwi Rahmatullah (Indonesian), 17 years:

This was the first time I joined in this activity. When we gathered with other people from different countries and religions, honestly, I was very afraid, but with time we did many things together, and finally I knew they were kind, nice people. They treated me as part of their family. Also, to the RYS alumni, I would like to say thank you for treating us as your brothers and sisters.

I was impressed by Bu Shanta (RYS trainer), who really cared about my health like my own mother when I was sick, or because I was too tired.

In these activities I learned something new -- teamwork, patience, independence and much more. I learnt to be a responsible person. I hope I can join these activities for a second time. It would not waste any of my time.

Wiwi Febriana Putri (Indonesian), 20s:

First, I would like to say thank you very much to RYS/SFP (joint project of Religious Youth Service and Service for Peace) for doing this project here. If I had a time machine, I would wish to go back to the date we started doing the service project -- 5 days full of love and precious experiences, lessons we could never get at school.

At first, I was doubtful that I would enjoy this event, I thought it was just doing an ordinary project under the sun and I would only get a sunburn, but I was wrong; something happened to me. The heat of the sun, the sweat of my body changed into the best experience I ever had. I now have a new family. We got tired together, we did things together and also we laughed together. I received new knowledge here, had fun and played educational games, which pumped my spirit. We divided into groups playing games and building our teamwork. We also did a group performance at the cultural night.

After this event I have a new spirit to be more respectful of other’s opinions and also to understand other people’s characters more. I learned so many things from individuals having different religions and Languages; I learned to be part of one family under one God. We are family. Merah putih spirit! For a better life! Spread the love!!! 

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