The Words of the Pumphrey Family

Three Years In The Family

Galen Pumphrey
Burlingame, California
New Age Frontiers - February 15, 1963

Dear Family:

It was three years ago this month that I was first introduced to the Divine Principles. Having been raised in the Church from early childhood, I had in college grown very bitter about religion based on what I had seen in the churches and Christianity this has to be true." Upon reading the Divine Principles I said, "If there is anything to the Bible and Christianity this has to be true." Shortly after I went to Eugene to meet Miss Kim, I started to attend her meetings and my whole life began to change.

I am still amazed at how I could have come in contact with the Divine Principles and the greatest opportunity in all history. I must give my eternal thanks to our Father for his suffering to bring this greatest message to all mankind, and his accomplishment in restoring the world to our Heavenly Father.

I must also express my great thanks to Miss Kim who through her teaching and guidance has changed the course of my life forever.

My accomplishment has been little in the past three years but I pray that in the next three years I will accomplish many, many times as much for the restoration. Within this year I am sure we will see much work accomplished in the United States. I hope that in the United States we can in the near future match some of the activities that we have heard of from our Families in Korea and Japan. 

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