The Words of the Preece Family


Debbie Preece

I had a good experience this weekend with prayer being answered. Last Thursday, in our weekly conference call with the state leader, I heard that an STF team was going to be at the church center for the Sunday Service. I try to go up to the center every other month or so, but don't get there much more often than that because it's a two-and-a-half hour drive away, making it a 5 hour round trip. I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for my son to meet with some 2nd generation brothers, since he has no contact or relationship with any of them. But I didn't know what my chances were to get him to go with me. He isn't connected to the church since we are the only church members in our city, he hasn't gone up to the center for years, and it's a long drive, which would mean that he would have to sacrifice a good part of the day. Also, he has a hard time getting up early and the weekends are his usual time for sleeping in. To be at the service would require us to leave home no later than 8:00 a.m.

Anyway, it seemed like such a wonderful opportunity, but I had no idea if there was any chance he would actually agree to go with me. So I started praying strongly about this. My first inspiration was that if my husband went with me, this would greatly increase the chance of my son's going, since it would be a family thing. But when I asked my husband, he said he couldn't go because he was singing a solo at the church here that morning. My hopes were dashed. Back to the prayer room.

When I prayed, I just offered the whole situation to God, thinking that if God wants this to happen, then there must be a way. (And if it didn't work out, then maybe it was just indemnity, or I was meant to learn something, or both.) Anyway, I decided that I would just have to ask my son and see what happens. Before doing so, I prayed desperately, asking for God to be there, to speak through myself and guide the conversation. Then I knocked on my son's door and asked him. I told him that I was thinking of going up to the church the next day and was wondering if he might be able to drive me there. He said, "Sure." So simple! (Silently, I was screaming, "YES!" and thanking God!)

I think what I learned from this is that if we pave the way with prayer, things get taken care of on the spiritual level first. Then, on the physical level things are relatively simple. We just go forward and things work out. Also, I saw how God works in mysterious ways. God worked through the situation of my husband's being unable to go with me. You see, my son loves driving our car, but is not allowed to drive it by himself. By his dad not going, my son had the opportunity to drive the car for 5 hours and also to feel like the gallant hero to his mom, who doesn't like to drive (especially in the rain, which it did all the way there and back) and who could then sit back and relax.

I think the experience at the church was a good for him. There were five brothers who were very friendly and embracing towards him. Also, it turned out that he actually knew one of the brothers. That was another God thing. My son hardly knows any blessed children, but of all people, one that he did know was actually there.

Overall, I know that God is working and guiding us and our son. Because of this, I don't feel worry or anxiety. Of course, I still have to be vigilant, but when we know that God is with us, we can let go of our anxieties and instead, trust.

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