The Words of the Powell Family

The Family Pledge -- Bullet Point Version

James Michael Powell
September 10, 2010

Dear brothers and sisters, hello.

Following a recent visit of our International President and his wife to the UK in London, I was inspired during Hoon Dok Hae the next morning to create a Bullet Point version of the Family Pledge.

The Family Pledge -- Bullet Point Version.

1) Build God's Family.

2) Become True Family Members.

3) Restore Fallen People through Love.

4) Practice Spiritual Principles Physically to Prepare for Life in the Spirit World.

5) Unite the Physical and Spiritual Worlds through Effort.

6) Give God's Blessings (Heavenly Fortune) to Others.

7) Maintain Inter-generational Purity of the Original Lineage.

8) Become God's Absolute Object Partners in True Love.

Please study each of the pledges in the Family Pledge in depth to get a good grip on the meaning of each one. The Value and Significance of the Family Pledge

These Bullet Point versions are in no way a substitute for the original pledges. They simply help us to understand the Family Pledge more easily, just like the slogan -- 'Inherit the True Love of God' -- helps us understand the Principle more easily. We must still recite the original pledges for morning service.

Thank you.

James Michael Powell 

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