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New Book -- Life in Eternity -- Human Beings in the Spirit World

Kerry Pobanz
April 24, 2012

Life In Eternity: Human Beings In the Spirit World
By Kerry Pobanz
Paperback, 183 Pages
Price: $15.00

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All human beings, upon finishing their lives on earth, are destined to transition into the spirit world. Here they discover that their "death" is, in fact, entrance into an extraordinary realm of eternal life. What is the nature of human life in the spirit world? It is almost indescribable in earthly terms, but not totally. In this book Kerry Pobanz, drawing principally upon the teachings of Sun Myung Moon and Emanuel Swedenborg, offers a deeply thoughtful and provocative glimpse of this unimaginable life beyond life. We must realize that the spirit world is our true home. We will inevitably discover that we originated from God's love as cosmic beings. 

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