The Words of the Pobanz Family

Guatemala Peace Vacation

Carol Pobanz
December 16, 2007

RYS Training was given to 20 young teachers in preparation for them to receive 200 children registered to attend a Vacation for Peace, a six-week sports program designed by the Ministry of Peace.

Trainer, Carol Pobanz, supported by the translation of Sung Hwa Bessell, who was also one of the project organizers, adapted the RYS service-learning orientation to accommodate the needs and vision of the Peace Vacation program. The young teachers enjoyed the program as they were taken through exercises which both helped them understand peace building, as well as illustrated the methodology used to facilitate experiential learning.

The training program lasted through the morning for 5 consecutive days. Other speakers for the program included Romulo Rojas -- Asst. Director of the Dept. of Culture of Peace at the Guatemala Ministry of Peace, Nathan Hardeman -- Assoc. Director of MIGLOFUT (Global Soccer Ministries) and Luis Navarro -- General Coordinator of the Peace Vacation Program.

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