The Words of the Pitts Family

The Master Visits Seattle

Dianne Pitts
March 27, 1965
Seattle, Washington

Being of a practical, exact, step-by-step nature, I found it exceedingly alarming to start off in all directions as 1 did when asked to give an account of the Seattle Family's meeting with the Master. I will try, however, to choose a solid path.

As with many of the "latter" families to meet him, we found that his pace quickened frightfully. We had expected him in May, then the middle of April, then in two weeks, and two days after that report we received a letter saying, "He will arrive Friday or Saturday,'' At this point, one expects him to knock on the door before you finish reading the letter! We felt so unprepared, but a year from now would we have felt any less?

By Friday night everything was ready -- except us! Now time to sit, wait and realize how completely unready you, the person, are. This was the difficult part. I found myself asking over and over again, "Why am I of all people being allowed this privilege? (Such an inadequate word!" And I tried to comprehend it all, I was going to meet the Christ, the Master of the Universe. Nothing sank in.

Friday evening passed and Saturday morning we were up expecting them any moment. They arrived very early Sunday morning (2 am). Mrs. Carroll of the Portland chapel prepared a meal for them, after which everyone rested for awhile. At 7 the next morning, my sister and I went over to the chapel and proceeded with Mrs. Carroll to the house where Master and part of his party had rested, there to prepare a large breakfast-lunch combination for everyone. About 10 am everyone from the Seattle group formed a circle around him. I watched him proceed around the circle shaking hands with each one, He looked like an ordinary man. But when he shook my hand there was a warmth transmitted, and I felt I had met an old and very dear friend who had done for me what no other could, and who knew me well and loved me despite myself. I instantly felt I owed this man more than life itself.

Then he was past me, shaking hands with another of our group. Things came so suddenly that I wanted to say "Stop! Go back, Let's have that again!"

And yet I wanted it to continue because it grew more wonderful with each moment, and I grew more settled and assured and so much happier. A member of the Oklahoma City Center described my feeling perfectly when he said, "bubbling inside."

After the Master had met everyone, he talked to us awhile. If nothing had convinced me of his divine nature and mission before, this did. He knew us, completely, As he spoke about the work at hand and the completing of the over-all plan, our necessary part gained full realization of the fact that this was going on with or without us. It was so great and we were so nothing in comparison.

Many tears were shed. As I listened to Master speak with such force and compassion in the same breath, I felt so small, so unworthy, and not nearly humble enough. If you have ever stood alone on top of a high peak, or in the middle of a great land area with what seems like the whole world stretching out around you, you know that you feel like a speck! I stood there hoping I even rated that description.

After lunch, we proceeded to a small hill in Seward Park overlooking Lake Washington. Here Master dedicated Sacred Ground, From there we went to City Hall so that Master might have a pebble and some earth from Seattle to take back to Korea with him. Then we went on to St. Helens, Oregon.

Our Seattle Family's over-all reaction is one of complete pleasure and dismay. We feel so honored and thrilled to be part of this and to have met the Master. I am sure we still do not fully realize the magnitude of what we have experienced. But we also realize how very vital it is that we build with the Master for God. And with God's help, the difficult we will do immediately.

The impossible will take just a little longer. 

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