The Words of the Piepeburg Family

1st SET FR condition reflections

Hanna Piepeburg
December 16, 2006

So this was our first FR condition. I canít believe that five weeks could pass by so rapidly! FR Ė well, you canít really understand what FR is until you do it yourself. For me FR is good character training because you get a direct and fast response according to you internal attitude. Experiencing that people didnít trust when I didnít trust, experiencing that people donít care if you donít care, but especially experiencing that people can do amazing things, open their hearts and smile with those beautiful loving eyes its amazing!

The world is not perfect, but to know that everyone has the potential to be good gives me hope and makes me believe that an ideal world is achievable. Of course you have your ups and downs but in total Iíve learned a lot from it. Also living together in a team of 7 people for so long was a new experience. We were all going through the same program, but in very different ways. You got to know each other, which is not easy, but always an enrichment. More and more you value the good and stop judging the bad aspects of each person, until we start to care about each other. The difficulties of FR brought us closer, but also having fun or discussing for hours about all kinds of questions concerning the atmosphere I shall not miss to thank our caring team leader who always worked hard.

Iím very glad that weíll have another condition together in the same team, because I realized that there is so much more to learn so much more to find out.

This time was very precious to me.

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