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Northwest Luzon Cluster conducts 7-day Student Leadership Seminar-workshop in Baguio

Mel Penchon and Dulce Buyayo
May 10, 2008

Baguio City- The first summer 7-day educational seminar-workshop in Northwestern Luzon cluster of regions was held lasy May 1 to 7, 2008 at FFWPU Baguio Center with 14 participants from La Union and Baguio City.The seminar-worksop was coordinated by James Tanate from UTS with four team leaders namely: Kimberle Mae Penchon, a volunteer home member, -Malou Brazil, also from UTS, Rizza Salazar, a fulltime staff and Miraflor, another fulltime staff from Baguio Center.

Sis. Carmela "Mhel" Licao Penchon, a distinguished regional lecturer and a faculty member in one of the insitutions in Baguio City, served as the main lecturer during the 7-day seminar. Eventually, other lecturer from PNP was also invited to share additional insights for the students as part of their leadership seminar under the theme, "Breaking Walls, Building Bridges". The topic, "Crime Prevention" was given by a guest lecturer SPO3 Virgilio Hidalgo of the Philippine National Police.

Moreover, a first-aid training was also demonstrated by Red Cross volunteer, Ms. Meah Licao as part of their workshop. Other events that transpired during the workshop was the garden-cleaning and maintenance of Barangay San Luis in Baguio and a fundraising activity to help the other educational programs for the youth.

Details of the workshop proper are seen below which was outlined by the main lecturer.

Day 1- Arrival and registration; Lunch; team- building activities; getting to know each other. Lecture 1- introduction to W-CARP and its tenets and core values. Evening presentation- carp video showing.

Day 2- The day started with hoondokwae of staff at 4:00 am. Exercises with participants at 5:00 am. Lecture- "Principles of Creation"; Team building activities; evening program- film showing-" The Last Samurai"

Day 3- The morning schedule is basically same throughout the seminar. Lecture- Chapter 2 The Fall of Man; Team-building activities and group discussions; Evening program- cultural affairs.

Day 4- Morning rituals- First Aid training- By Red Cross volunteers -- Ms. Meah Licao, quiz, lecture on "The value and Purpose of Fundraising".

Day 5- Morning Rituals- 9:am to 12: noon- Fundraising. Afternoon, sharing and testimonies about fundraising- Evening practice for graduation presentation.

Day 6- morning rituals- Service for Peace: cleaning of the barangay garden of Brgy. San Luis. Afternoon- Lecture on Crime Prevention by- SPO3 Virgilio Hidalgo. Lecture and workshop on Philosophy of Service by the main lecturer. Evening program: Movie time- "Wave the Korean Flag".

Day 7- Morning Rituals- 10:00- 12:00- Boating at Burnham Lake. 2:00 pm- Graduation Ceremony; early dinner; Homeward Bound.

On May 17, a set of follow-up activities for the participants is the " Beach and Coastal Clean-up at La Union" under the administration of Mr. Felix Sanchez of Fil Vision Trading in Bauang, La Union as part of their community service program with the youth.

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