The Words of the Penchon Family

Northwestern Region Family Gathering - Theme: God's Providence and I

Mel Penchon
September 1, 2007
Program Coordinator
San Luis Cultural Center, Baguio City, Philippines

"Knowledge is Power." It is through knowing that we can act and be transformed. That is why in our Unification Family, seminars and workshops are our way of life. It is through these that we can be informed of all the updates in our family.

Another thing is, it is through this that we can be together as one family, to grow together spiritually. Through seminars we can learn to appreciate and value one another as brothers and sisters. These things have actually transpired in the seminar that we had.

This revival seminar was actually through the prodding of Sis. Spring Valdez, who joined the Baguio Family recently. Originally, it was intended as just a time for reflection and bonding for brothers and sisters.

We felt this is necessary since we did not have this kind of gathering for a long time. But as we prepared for it, so many good ideas came in, including inviting one Elder to be our main speaker since he was in the Philippines for a short visit.

We began the day with Hoon Dok Hae with clips of Heung Jin Nim's words we took from after which some brothers and sisters were asked to give their reflections verbally in front of everyone. Following it, we organized small groups for the "unloading" session. The idea was to let us learn what is going on with our brothers and sisters, since we are a family, and also to release each one's burdens and be relieved and empty as preparation to let God's love get into our hearts anew on the individual level.

The next session was written reflection time checking oneself in relation to the Church. Everyone was encouraged to open up even problems, so that the Church leadership would come to understand better what is going on with members, hear their difficulties, as well as their good ideas on how the whole Church and region could move together as one true family.

The next part was aimed at letting brothers and sisters understand our responsibility for the nation and the world under the Philippines' providential role as 2nd daughter nation. Heavenly Father showed us His support concretely by sending one of our elder brothers all the way from Korea in the person of Rev. Nikolaus Beutl.

I feel that Heavenly Father really knew what we needed. Owing to his experiences and heart, brothers and sisters received a lot of insights from him. He focused on our value as people in this 2nd daughter nation. He left us with a lot of inspirations as well as challenges.

"As citizens of the 2nd daughter nation, you must love and serve the Koreans and Japanese," he said. So many things were said by him, which I could not itemize all here. However, I am attaching the reflections of participants in this report as testimonies of how God talked to us through Rev. Beutl during this revival meeting.

From my personal point of view, to be visited by elders can actually boost the spirit of our younger brothers and sisters. I can really feel that we are one family under one True Parent because despite our difference in race (as Tatay Beutl is an Austrian) we can still extend love and care to each other.

I may not be able to thank him enough in words but I know deep in his heart he understood and felt our heart. So in behalf of Baguio Family, "Thank you so much." Really love knows no boundaries! From Austria to Korea, to Philippines and to any part of the world, we can bring the love of our True Parents!


Alfonso Buyayo:
Thank you for reminding us of the essence of being a follower of the True Parents. True love was never a part of our daily life. We had been living completely only for ourselves. My determination is to truly take care of members as real parent to them; to emphasize more on the internal growth and vertical connection and well-being of everyone; and to take responsibility for the region as my real family, that everyone can feel God and True Parents' heart through me. I therefore pray for more power and guidance and wisdom to really fulfill this task.

This family gathering with our Elder Brother Rev. Nikolaus Beutl brought me in full conviction that I can be a person of true love, 100% without any doubt, that God can reside in me completely as long as I shed off my "myself thinking," that I am indeed capable of giving love unconditionally and be like True Parents in every second of every minute of every hour of everyday. From this time on, I should:
1) have more patience and let go of my hot temperedness;
2) to see things in God-centered point of view;
3) not think of negative experiences in the past which affect my capacity to love;
4) never to worry about my familyís basic needs, instead think more on how to bring more results to Godís providence;
5) be more prayerful for the restoration of the world;
6) do Hoon Dok Hae everyday and do Ahn Shi Il as scheduled;
7) give more time to listen to brothers and sisters' heart, about their situation and burdens;
8) more united in heart to my husband so God can work through us completely in guiding and loving brothers and sisters starting in our center of Tagudin;
9) and always think positively, that in every difficult and miserable situations, there is only one solution for me to do, "Practice true love always.

We need this kind of training or workshop to remind us what is our responsibility. We all know that we have so many baggage in our heart, how to release it, how to unload this, what I learned in this workshop is to extend our true love, to be more patient, with more love and more understanding. My determination now is to continue to work for God, True Parents, and brothers and sisters for a better world and for a better Philippines. Mansei!!!

Dear Heavenly Father, I was truly grateful for this revival meeting. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart as I listen to the message of Rev. Nikolaus Beutl, I have so many great realizations. I thought I had already loved others, love our neighbors but actually I was limited. I was so selfish that I really think of my children's needs before others. I was so busy doing my own thing. I didn't realize there are lots of brothers and sisters who need to be comforted and visited. I did not really give love because that unselfish love was locked up inside of me. I want and I need to once again change my attitude. I want to offer to you Heavenly Father that I must practice and substantialize your true love standing in the position of a restored Eve becoming your true child, loving others before my own family.

Through Rev. Beutl I was able to once again realize that I have to put my heart like God's heart. I am now reminded once again on how to value and take care of my brothers and sisters. I discovered that for years I was busy doing my own things not minding others. I suggest at least 3 days workshop like this kind. We are alive and inspired and therefore I suggest extending our workshop and try our best to follow up our members especially the inactive or those not connecting to the Church for a long time.

Opening of hearts is not an easy thing to do. With guided conversations and questioning by Elder Rev. Beutl, I was able to get to a level of openness in my heart. I am an optimist. I deeply believe on what is truth, good and positive. But with the harsh realities of life and the world around, one can be a pessimist so easily. With a basic understanding of Godís Heart, I can still live life with zest and enthusiasm, with love and selfless giving. I hope to expand this heart and attitude everyday to become more happy and fruitful.

Today, September 1 2007, I personally thank Heavenly Father and True Parents for giving us a representative in the person of Reverend Nikolaus Beutl who really showed his big heart to share to us Unification members regarding Godís Providence and I. I came to learn more the importance of true love which we should do everyday in our life, practice serving and reach out to our brothers and sisters in the outside world. I was moved and inspired and could feel the heart of God who has been longing for His children who have been lost for six thousand years and through this Iím determined to serve God and True Parents through loving my enemies until the last day of my life. I will support and acknowledge what True Parents started for the world and contribute for the providence of restoration through living for the sake of others.

Through the workshop, I came to realize the importance of Godís love and feel his heart better, that sometimes I am very self-centered person and limited about my responsibility. So I promise to overcome all these things and practice true love in the family, society, nation and world. The workshop we had today is excellent, the facilitator is very alive and very hardworking; they prepared the workshop a job well done. More power and more workshops like this.

I trust God, brothers and sister and myself all my life, and will continue to be so, never giving up. I live everyday as the owner of true love and one true family. Think of others, pray for others, act for others. This workshop was the gift from Heavenly Father and True Family.

Thank you, thank you so much Heavenly Father. I was really lifted up despite the struggles and failures, difficulties as well that I encounter, I really did nothing in the mission. However, because of Your true love upon us, I am blessed and strong again to take my responsibility for the 6.5 billion people around the world. I have to determine in doing my mission, to liberate our brothers and sisters, comfort and serve them as well. I really have to take responsibility to support God and True Parents and also to become true love person by changing my attitude starting today. Thank you. I do and practice it with more power and sacrifice. T.Y.

Through the speech given by our speaker, I could understand God's heart better. It was an inspiration to all that that we should continue loving our brothers and sisters was a gift from God which we should treasure. God gave us responsibility to take good care of what He had given to us. I realized that my brothers and sisters did not just come here for nothing but for a cause. It is a great responsibility to take this task. I hope that there will be more workshops like this, workshops that talk about the value of life and God's creation.

I felt some kind of spirit in me melting my heart as our Reverend was speaking. It is very inspiring and hopeful to know that great people from other countries also believe in our ability and potential standing in the position as 2nd daughter nation of the world and in restoring this nation through unity. We also had fun because we were inspired by our Reverend in his courage and authority to speak and to make us laugh. This has been a good workshop especially with the participation of each and every one of us especially in answering and reflecting one by one on some very difficult questions and points.

We also spent every moment in family atmosphere. Our family atmosphere has been growing here especially because of the presence of our leaders who are really my inspirations. They really are worth to be treasured as family as elder brothers and sisters. The atmosphere has been filled with smiles and determination.

For every questions asked, we wanted to shout a cheer of mansei. We are very thankful for the times when we reflected upon our missions, responsibilities, our lifestyle, and our determination. As part of this family, and as chosen people of God, I am determined, as we are being spiritually revived again by a great reverend who has hope in us, that I will never spend lots of time in thinking of myself.

I will protect this body, will use it to its fullest to really serve and build the ideal of God through starting with myself and extending it to all my brothers and sisters and to this region, Baguio and to the nation, Philippines. I will now give my best to really avoid thinking of the "I" and the physical desirable "my."

Through believing that each and everyone of us, here is being revived, that love and take care each and everyone of us, I will never fear the secular world especially my mission as a student. I am determined to make a great difference as a modern college student through loving and taking care of everyone in my sight.

By the foundation and knowledge that I receive and experience, I will now apply better than before. I will also take every opportunity to show how I love everyone especially they who need help. I will always work, travel, eat, play and do my mission together with other people. I will always smile and take the positive side of people, and share verbally and by action the messages that I received.

My Dearest brothers and sisters in Baguio Center, with a sincere and grateful heart, I would like to thank you for welcoming us here in your beautiful cool center. I wouldnít say that Baguio is a cold place for it may mean a negative impression. It is safer and more accurate based on my personal experience to say that your climate, your place is cool and refreshing, an ideal venue for the revival of physical and spiritual health.

Despite the low temperature, however, thereís an almost irresistible warmth and comfort I felt during my short stay here. I hope and pray that Baguio, its people would soon discover this. I believe strongly that soon this center will be a main attraction for people searching for true love and essence of their lives, for the source of true love, love that emanates from True Parents and Godís heart is right here, right in the heart of Kuya Alfon and Ate Dulce, right in the heart of its dedicated and sacrificial center members (brothers and sisters) and supportive family members.

I couldnít say more but thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us live with true love in our hearts. We leave today with renewed spirit and heart so full. Success to everyone. Letís not lose a moment to give victory to God and True Parents with much love.

For me as part of this family, I will continue my determination to support the providence of God and True Parents to share the Blessing not only in our family but to all the people that I meet in daily life. We must love our mission. We must love one another, we must learn how to love. We must practice true love in our daily life not only for our family but for our ancestors and our descendants. So I will do my best for God and True Parents and to my spouse, to establish an ideal family, to offer to God and to give Him joy. Iím so grateful to God and True Parents because I received the Blessing already, and I know that the sprit world is really working with us. Thank you very much.

I am grateful for this seminar, grateful for the coming of Rev. Beutl, Ate Spring, Ate Alma, Ate Mel and of course our leaders, brothers and sisters. I am most thankful for the unloading of burdens, now I feel lighter because itís the first time Iíve opened up to brothers and sisters, even in summary only. I am grateful for the part of Rev. Beutl sharing about true love, the meaning of true love. Itís true, from the moment I walk out of this door I am changed already, and will face the burdens with true love and be more open, and responsible for my brothers and sisters and all people. Thank you. I think I can smile now at home and in whatever circumstances.

Thank you for this opportunity that God and True Parents sent us the speaker Rev. Beutl to remind us of my responsibility. I have been neglecting or forgetting my responsibility/ obligation as a Unificationist. In the past I struggled with my self-centeredness and selfishness, envy and sometimes all negative comments and comparisons. Also, I did not really practice true love. I want to confess all my mistakes. I surrender myself to God wholeheartedly and I pray that God accepts me as I am today at this moment that I wholeheartedly repent for my sins together with my brothers and sisters who commit sins in the heart of God and forgive me for my insensitivity of hurting oneís heart with or without intentions. Forgive me also for not loving my brothers and sisters and not practicing true love. I promise not to jump into conclusion without prior clarification. I promise not to judge a person quickly. I promise not to do the same mistakes.

New thoughts have been added to what I knew about true love. Before whenever I have a speech at school about true love what I knew was limited. Now I have learned that I really need to change and accept the best way of living. I have to take responsibility as a child of God. I have to overcome my struggles, fallen natures and most especially pitying myself because this brings me down most of the time. I thank you so much Rev. Nikolaus Beutl for reminding us of our responsibility and clearing us about our problems. From now on, I have to strive to become perfect, in order for me to do my responsibilities. I know I must be responsible for the whole world, for all the people living, and also to the lost ancestors. From now on I must have a strong determination through my prayers. Iíve learned more about Heavenly Father. Now I know that even though I have mistakes, my brothers and sisters care and love me so much. I am inspired so much.

I should love others endlessly. Because of my being selfish, I never achieve perfection. I am the hope for the liberation of the world, nation, family and ancestors by sacrificing my own desires. We should share true love to one another as Heavenly Father loves the world and humankind, to love others 100%. By true love nothing is impossible; willingness to change is a great thing?

I heartistically understood Godís heart. I have a better understanding now about the importance of my brothers and sisters; that I should love and take care of them absolutely. When I become selfish I canít really realize the importance of everyone. I should be sensitive and learn to share true love. I enjoyed the seminar and really understood the message of God. I wish I could invite many people especially my family to attend this kind of seminar. It was very inspiring and I feel I am spiritually growing, very alive. I wish I could embody and adopt all learning that I realized so that I could also share it with others and family.

To Frank:
I want to change my life completely to something useful to the providence, to offer my life for something that would change the world, and that would satisfy God, to love True Parents much more than myself and to ease the suffering of God.

Hard it is to believe that upon opening and dedicating ourselves fully we could be able to restore the 2nd daughter country Philippines. My determination of giving myself 100% for the providence of restoration is becoming stronger and stronger, the hindrances and barriers in my heart is starting to get lost.

Fascinated and moved I really was because if only true love would really be engrafted in our hearts, there would really be no more barriers. So the suggestions of brothers and sisters must really be heard because as we listen to them and understand their realization, we could really improve more. Now I know that money or financial problems are not the barriers that could stop us if we only have true love power. I am inspired by starting from ourselves because we could not inspire others if we ourselves are not inspired. It was fun to hear suggestions especially when everyone has open ears to listen wholeheartedly.

From the reading we had this morning, I was really moved because I realized that being kind is not enough, true love is the answer to every problem that we have, it is the solution to every struggle and limitation we have. I also realized that if we truly practice true love, every thing is very easy to handle; if we have internalized this love we will feel that we need our brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters need us. So from this now on, I will try to practice true love and most especially share it to other people. I should also take responsibility for the will of God. I should act as a matured person and as a parent to my younger brothers and sisters.

To live each day to the fullest, to get the most from each hour, each day and each age of my life, for then I can look forward with confidence and back without regret. I will empty myself of selfishness daily so I can receive God's blessing and true love. So I pray for stronger spirit, braver heart, healthier body, endless love and God's grace. Why? Because my life is not really perfect, not so wonderful, but I have the reason to be happy because there's someone who always care for me.


From now on, my offering to God and True parents is to be a good person ready to forgive others and share love to our brothers and sisters especially to my neighbors who are my relatives and friends. I repent for all my sins and failures. I felt ashamed to God for what I have done to my fellow friends being selfish and arrogant. I am very grateful for our National Messiah (Rev. Beutl) who gave us true love and inspiring message which helps us to grow. Please give us more chance and time to show to you our determination and dedication in fulfilling our task and give joy to you by being good son. I should become more sensitive in term of heart to my brothers and sisters. I discovered I am still young and still need to be educated to be good. I feel ashamed to God and True Parents for being selfish and closed-minded person. I should study more about True Parents words and the Divine Principle for me to expand wide and more flexible in sharing true love to others. In order to gather more friends and good brothers and sisters, I should double my effort and determination sharing love to people. We have to check also the heart of our brothers and sisters if they are okay.. Every plan should be connected to God and True Parents. We should always carry a culture of heart, and teach true love.

It was a great pleasure and honor for me to be at the center on September 1, 2007 at San Luis Cultural Center. It was Rev. Beutl, an Austrian missionary who inspired us on the wonders of true love. Although I came in late, but still I could catch up to hear the message which emphasized most that true love could conquer and bring success. It truly touched my heart to love my brothers and sisters in spite of those obstacles in life. From now on I promise to love others unconditionally for eternity and to change my oftentimes selfish attitude and learn how to share to others.

The reason why we can't advance or cope with God's providence today is because we don't have true love. Yes, we know the meaning of true love but the problem is we cannot practice true love in ourselves and cannot share it with others. Also the reason why we cannot grow is because our mind is so narrow. We should not love only our family members but should love the 6.5 billion people of the world instead. Why? Because our Heavenly Father loves everyone living here on earth. Heavenly Father is our Original Parent and we are as brothers and sisters. The origin of evil in the world is selfishness, so from right now, we should have true love 100% like our loving True Parents. We Filipinos have a very important role in God's Providence as 2nd daughter nation. One obligation is to first support our Father and mother nations (Korea and Japan). The important things that had happened in the seminar is that we were able to understand what is supposed to done, what is to be changed. We should practice true love absolutely.

I would like to become God and True Parents' true daughter who won't let them down anymore. I would like to love my brothers and sisters unconditionally, forgive them of all their shortcomings, practice true love wherever I am, and shed off all fallen natures to be totally free to be a loving daughter of God and True Parents. Thank you so much Rev. Beutl for representing Heavenly Father and True Parents' love before us.

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