The Words of the Pearson Family

The Master Visits Boise

Vernon Pearson
March 26, 1965
Boise, Idaho

Friday morning, March 26th, a t 8:30 am Mr. David Kim called to tell me that he was accompanying Master and his party, and that they would arrive about 6 pm. The next nine and a half hours I worked like a beaver to prepare. I had just finished when Mr. Kim knocked on my door. He said, "Master and his party are here!"

A moment later they came into my apartment. The Master was the first, followed by Mrs. Choi, Miss Kim, and Mr. Nishikawa, then George Norton and Gordon Ross. I was speechless at first. Mr. Kim introduced me to the Master. In my heart I thought, "He is here. The Lord of the physical and spiritual world is here. How tremendous!" In my elation I felt a keen sense of my own unworthiness, Occasionally, I would glance at the Master as he sat in the chair relaxed, serene and all-knowing. His countenance was wonderful and his soft laugh so loving. I sensed his desire to be our friend as well as our Lord and Savior, Truly he is all things to all men.

To those who oppose him, he will be a judge and a rod of iron. Gordon Ross explained the procedure of the heavenly ceremony of selecting Sacred Ground. I was thrilled to hear how God is beginning to take back portions of the physical world from Satan.

Very quickly then we went to Julia Davis Park. It was early evening and a light rain was falling. The Master walked through the park looking for the right location. I think the trees must have been saying, "Master, Master, choose me, I want to be a refuge for your children." Soon he found the right place. My heart swelled as I saw the Master performing this sacred ceremony. As he prayed I felt that heaven was coming to him, sealing another piece of ground for the Heavenly Father. If my spiritual eyes had been open I believe I would have seen many angels hovering over Master and our small group.

After the ceremony, we went to a Chinese restaurant for a family style dinner. I was privileged to sit next to him and opposite Mrs. Choi. Next to the restaurant there was a miniature racetrack which had small electric cars on it controlled by someone with a switch. When the Master saw this he laughed. It amused him very much, He watched the little cars for several minutes.

I asked Master to come back to Boise, and he said lovingly and in perfect English, "When do you want me to come?" This melted my heart, I could only say, " As soon as you can, Master."

All too quickly it was time for them to leave. I escorted them out of town for a few miles. By now it was raining fairly hard and the wind was blowing, I will never forget the moment they left me. The Master was still waving as they drove out of sight. As I watched them leave I prayed, "Father, please send him back, Please let me become worthy enough for him to come back to Boise."

A few days later I was blessed with the privilege of seeing him in Seattle, St. Helens, Portland and Eugene. I also had an opportunity to drive them part of the time in the Portland Chapel car. This was an experience I will never forget.

In concluding this report I cannot help but feel that in our Northwest Family there is a renewed sense of dedication and love for our Lord. I am sure that we have all resolved to do more to find God as children. We must set our course and fight for our Lord, We shall overcome! God bless you all. 

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