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Filipinos Taking Ownership In Chicago Providence - A Letter to Chicago District Director Rev. David Rendell

Don and Aida Pasion
December 30, 2006
Chicago, IL

To: Rev. David Rendell
Fr: Don and Aida Pasion
Re: Filipino Community meeting on Dec. 30, 2006

It was originally a Christmas party but I took advantage of the situation. Aida told me how much you desire the Filipino community participation in church activities. I know you even appointed Aida to be the representative for now, well, we just made it official.

The least we can do is have a representative every time you call for a meeting. So I gave a proposal which nobody opposed but still I doubt if anybody would fully support. I proposed that Aida be the president this year because she will have the most time to support you. I asked Joseph Villanueva to be the secretary/treasurer because I believe he is the most capable to stand as leader after Danny left. If Aida would not be available, Joseph can stand as the president in her stead.

Instead of creating organizational positions such as P.R.O., Sgt-in-arms, Internal and External VP, etc., I figured we just create very capable Board Members who can stand in the position of leaders In the absence of the President and Secretary. Each board member will be able to represent the Filipino community when called upon and at the same time will be your biggest support after the President and secretary.

Here's the list:

President - Aida Pasion
Sec./treasurer - Joseph Villanueva
Board members - Juvy Madronal, Nora DaSilva, James Baac, Dante Estanislao

I pray that this works and finally we could support even a little bit of the Chicago providence.


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