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"Expanding the Culture of Heart through Music and Dance" - 3rd Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition

Edmon Pacson
September 20, 2007
Student Times release

Grand Champion of the 3rd Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition, the FEU Dance Troupe.

Seven hundred eighty four students, professors and other guests experienced the excitement at Rizal Technological University Gymnasium last September 20, 2007 for the "1st Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition as Organized by World CARP Philippines- National Capital Region.

With the theme, "Expanding the Culture of Heart through Dance and Music", 18 schools participated to showcase not only their talents in singing and dancing but their teamwork, youth dynamism and sportsmanship as well.

As crowd of students in different uniforms filled the gymnasium, the program formally started with the doxology performance from Hiraya Dance Troup of TIP (Technological Institute of the Philippines) - CARP Chapter.

Dr. Edmon Pacson, Vice President for Education and NCR-CARP Executive Director gave the welcome remarks as he introduced World CARP's Vision, Mission and Core Values to the young and high-spirited crowd. For the much awaited moment, 26 entries for the song category and 16 group dance entries grooved and enthralled the audience to vie the top 3 major awards in both categories.

Before the announcement of winners, the Tong Il Moo Do National Demonstration Team gave an intermission number of which left the audience hanging to the edge of their seats.

Moving on, everyone gave their attention as the Board of Judges, composed of: Dr. Aldrin Nituma (WCARP-Philippines National President); Dr. Edmon Pacson (VP for Education and NCR-CARP Executive Director); Dr. Ann Marlita Montejo-Arevalo (VP for Leadership Development); Ms. Sharleen Estiandan (Secretary-General of WCARP- Philippines); Dr. Caroline Niñonuevo (Service for Peace National President); Prof. Ryan Regala Manal (Owner, Grand Music Palace Philippines) and Ms. Mishuku NikKuni (Pure Love Director), gave their final verdict.

The winners of the 1st Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition were:

Song Category:
1st Place- Alyssa Temena (Philippine Normal University) 2nd Place- Maricor Ocampo (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) 3rd Place- Angelika Omones (Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology)

Consolation Prizes:
1. John Vincent Decena (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)
2. Benna Churl Lacay (Tashashas College Company)
3. Caithleen Cena (Far Eastern University)
4. Erlimson Perez(Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology)
5. Joan Jabines (University of Makati)

Dance Category:
1st Place- FEU Dance Company (Far Eastern University)
2nd Place- Teatro Rizalia (Rizal Technological University)
3rd Place- Maximum Extreme Dance Company (EARIST)

Consolation Prizes:
1. UMDT (University of Manila)
2. Funky Jazz Extreme (University of Makati)

After several days of tiresome rehearsals, the efforts of the winners paid off as they gave their loudest cheers as their names were announced; appreciating a taste of victory. Mr. Resty Cañedo, President of NCR-CARP Integrated School Chapters gave a brief closing remarks hoping for the 1st Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition to ponder the growing relationship between local school chapters.

More than the trophies and cash prizes they have received in the competition, it was their personal triumph to present their talents and entertain their co-students from different colleges and universities who were supporters themselves.

The winners were also invited to perform for the "MUSIKAPAYAPAAN" or Concert for Peace in celebration of the International Day of Peace held annually every September 21st of the year. This concert is organized by the Service For Peace at San Andres Gymnasium in Manila.

W-CARP NCR would like to thank: Grand Music Palace Philippines; Mr. Roger De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Jun Teves; Engr. And Mrs. Ricky Abuyuan and Mrs. Novi Gamayagay, the event was called success.

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