The Words of the Pace Family

A Captain's Experience: Tasting And Sharing God's Love

Shawna Pace
September 27, 2007

Extracts of her testimony given Sept'27th 2007 at Camp White Eagle

In my testimony I want to focus on how important it has been for me to learn to receive God's love. In the beginning of the condition I was nervous going to a State alone and with no team assistant. Someone said to me, let God be your assistant or be an assistant for God. So I kept that in mind.

When I reflect on these past 21 days God was teaching me two things: ownership and gratitude. I was nervous also about being a captain as there were a lot of things I had done before as captain that I wasn't proud of. So I was determined to overcome this and I felt so much compassion and energy this condition because of God and my team.

I experienced how to receive love by giving Morning Service. Many times I felt so inspired and felt how much God wants to give love to my team through me. Also through one on one sharing with sisters; I really put myself in their situations, through all the pain and joy they felt.

I also dropped myself off every first run because I wanted to really experience what they were experiencing on the frontline so that I could have better prayers for them and really understand their situation. I felt so much energy through that.

I was doing all these little things like fundraising extra, waking up early… and was challenging myself more physically but felt more energy. The way I found energy was starting the day with gratitude; thankful for how much I've been given…and the more I felt that the more I wanted to give.

Often it wasn't the sense of duty that drove me, "I have to do this" but rather I really wanted to. I was given so much that I desired to give. I found so much joy in my mission in being able to be someone who could stand in this position to give and be trusted.

During the Kickoff workshop I was sometimes struggling about my family and it was hard to focus. But during the condition I was able to put my public mission first. I really want to testify to my team, because I was so grateful to be with them and their desire to be out on frontline and just how they were always happy.

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