The Words of the Pace Family

Second Generation Trip to Myrtle Beach

Sharon Pace, Ryu Sung, and Kieva Pace
April 25, 2007
North Carolina

For over a year I promised the BCs that we would have an exciting trip to the beach. Well it finally came true. We went to No. Myrtle Beach in So. Carolina and invited 13 years of age and up BCs. We did it a little different this time. We gave them more free time during the day. The weather was fantastic!! The beach with its waves calling us, to come jump and scream and feel Gods creation and fishing in the ocean was the highlight. We had HDK in the morning mostly right at the beach and closing reflections at night but during the mornings we did Service For Peace Projects right there at the Christian Retreat center.

We did not have to drive all over the place. It was really neat doing it that way. No gas money or trying to follow one another on a busy street and getting lost. One evening the BCs that were in WAIT did a performance at a Baptist church. It was wonderful. Parents and youth, mostly teenagers, were there to watch and receive this important message. We had different problems come up this time because of the time of freedom and so close to the beach. BUT I felt it was a learning experience for everyone and we all grew up by going through these encounters.

Our workshop was for 13 and up. We had 2 presentations a day, sports right there on the grounds, went to see fire works, and even went shopping. Our BCs in North Carolina have know each other since they were pint size and we have been doing SFP and DP workshops since who knows when. We had lots of staff this time. Our parents; Paul Woodward, who took off from work for 4 days, taught us self defense moves every day and helped us with our exercising program, Caroline Uyama who is the advisor for WAIT, Bruce Hutcherson who is the father of 8 children and a SUPER Human being, John Pace, our lecture who is the Educational Director in NC, and myself, Sharon Pace, SFP and Youth leader of North Carolina. If anyone would like to rent this place please email me and I can give you the details.Oh yes they cooked our meals and we did breakfast ourselves ever day so we could have a lower price. The food was really great.We had teams with team captains as well.This is a great way to learn responsibility and to understand what a leader goes through to make a successful group.I think people experienced the 5 core Values in an experiential way.

Sharon Pace

Below are some testimonies by the 2nd Generation.

It was nice to go to the beach. We had a lot of outings and places to go. And while we were there, we just didnt hear lectures but we also did service work in the area which was good and fun.

Ryu Sung from WDC

The Spring Break workshop in Myrtle beach was awesome! The schedule had allot more free time in it where we could go to the beach or go play sports, which was really great because the weather was so nice and it was so beautiful. There were 2 or 3 lectures a day, sometimes more, by my dad. I learned allot from them and Im pretty sure allot of other teens did too. The lectures were more for older second generation which was exactly what we all needed. We talked about "the outside world" and things like that really great. We also did allot of Service projects for the place we were staying at, which by the way was absolutely gorgeous, such as painting and mulching. Also one of the AFP from Raleigh let her daughter come to hear the Divine Principle so that was good. Well all in all it was a really great experience and I hope we have many more of those to come.

Kieva Pace

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