The Words of the Otomo Family

June 2nd IFA Sunday Service -- Mr. Yuji Otomo

June 10, 2013

Dear IFA family,

Mr. Otomo spoke deeply and clearly to us on Sunday. We are so grateful for his efforts and heart to identify to us the meaning of Foundation Day and the new beginning that we find based on the Shim Jung Love of our Heavenly Parent. Foundation Day has brought a shattering of our illusion state.

He shared that our illusion that we held i.e.: seeking to build a loving family yet avoiding communication or living a 'religious life' but as a duty so not bringing it to fulfill the family. This has brought 2nd gen to point to weaknesses in parents and church. Society also points to our strangeness... some of us answer that we need more prayer for them... however, our religious life hasn't been a real life if we leave it in a lofty dream like state.

He spoke of the judgmental God of the OTA, the Love and Forgiveness of the Heavenly Father that Jesus showed us in the NTA, and the Heavenly Parent of Shim Jung (the Energy and Passion to love others) of the CTA. Going out on mission we can find the love of the NTA. Only in the SCHOOL of Love, the family, can we find the God of Shim Jung. With this, witnessing this depth and happiness will be a great attractive force, a magnet, for all people.

Mr. Otomo spoke many deep points. I hope you all can listen to his speech and if you want to order his book, we can make it available to you.

You can watch the service on YouTube here:

Thank you always,

IFA Committee, 

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