The Words of the Orikasa Family

Yeon Ah Nim touched Oklahoma People

Jun Orikasa
May 28, 2007
Oklahoma City

Yeon Ah Nim arrived at Oklahoma City and went with members to the Holy Ground and prayed for Oklahoma. Then after that, we welcomed Yeon Ah Nim at the banquet. Rev. John Copeland, Jr., prayed as the invocation. For entertainment, one Muslim couple sang and then Native Americans played drums and sang. The introduction to Ambassadors for Peace was done by Rev. Mark Hernandez. Ms Evelyn Nephew, on the Guthrie City Council, read the welcome letter. Then Archbishop Stallings introduced Yeon Ah Nim. After the speech, three women of Oklahoma signed the Declaration of Peace. After the event, everybody did a Native American dance together

Comments from members of the audience

I learned how to pray through this speech. This speech is good and new for my people.
Minister of Native American Church

Nations can become one world.
Political activist

Women can take leadership. The women’s role is important; women can make one family.
Ms. Evelyn Nephew (Guthrie civic leader)

This is the image of God. This is the body of Christ
Member of International White Eagle Ministries

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