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Peace Tour Central Africa Republic

Ralph Oppenheimer
November, 2006

Mrs. Carolyn Lincoln and Mr. Alain Leroy came to Central Africa Republic. When they arrived at the airport, they saw and felt a strong military presence. But these brave Ambassadors for Peace were determined to share the message of peace in this difficult situation. They showed their love for Africa to the people.

The people in a time of war came out to meet the Ambassadors for Peace and were inspired by the message of hope. In one organization, 70 people received Ambassador for Peace certificates; all of them had completed the Ambassador of Peace training course (which takes about three weeks to complete).

They visited a medical clinic, youth center and an orphanage that the African Ambassadors for Peace are running. The clinic was established because young women who where pregnant sometimes died on the way to the hospital. Many of the children cared for by the orphanage lost their parents to AIDS, and some of the children have AIDS themselves. UPF is working together with different groups to help better the quality life for African people and is grateful to the American Ambassadors for Peace for coming to Central Africa Republic. Most of the Ambassadors of Peace in Central Africa would like to come to America to share Father Moon’s message of peace with Americans.

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