The Words of the Oliver Family

Susan Hughes Oliver (1951-2010) Transitioned to Spirit World early this morning

Carl Swearson
August 16, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This morning at approximately 3:45 AM (August 16), our dearly beloved sister, Susan Hughes Oliver, wife of Berlin Oliver, and mother of Nessia, Abelin and Beaumont, passed quietly in her sleep. Susan had been battling cancer for the past 10 years in various parts of her body.

Susan joined our family in 1968 in California. In 1972, Father sent her to join Betsy O'Brian in Minnesota, becoming their first State Leader. Many members joined over those next 3 1/2 years. Included below is the testimony she submitted to our Senior Pastor, In Jin Nim, when she visited Minneapolis in January 2009.

Susan also worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, doing witnessing and public relations. In 1982, she was blessed at Madison Square Garden. To her great joy, all three of her children are also blessed.

We all celebrate Susan's wonderful faith and heart. Our dear sister will be remembered for the great love she showed to so many of her friends and family. We love you, Susan!


Carl Swearson
District Director 

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