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First 40-Day Hoon Dok Hae Condition And Bishop Ki Hoon Kim

Zagery J. Oliver
June 7, 2008
Pastor of Washington Family Church National Cathedral

The Renaissance and Revival of Washington Family Church National Cathedral following the initiation of the first 40-day Hoon Dok Hae condition by our great and caring Elder Brother Bishop Ki Hoon Kim at the Washington Family Church National Cathedral.

From the beginning, the condition has created a thrust and spiritual whirlwind, and we have been riding a spiritual wave of many changes. This is how it began.

On the very day that Bishop Kim initiated the 40-day Hoon Dok Hae condition, every member living in the church and in Washington, DC, was mobilized to come and we could feel on that first day that a new spirit was beginning to emerge. Unannounced to us that morning, after arriving home from the Hoon Dok Hae gathering we found out that our precious Elder brother Hyo Jin Nim, the eldest son of the True Parents, had passed on into the spirit world. We were saddened and perplexed at this turn of events and were questioning what was happening in the spiritual world, and wondered if there was something happening in relation to Washington, DC, and America as the Elder son nation. We did hear afterwards that True Father said that Hyo Jin Nim is working strongly in Washington, DC.

Also we felt that this initiation of the 40-day condition was the “Providence of the Start” to do internal cleaning of Washington Family Church National Cathedral.

As Rev. Jenkins stated one morning, Washington Family Church National Cathedral is the spiritual center of the United States.

Seven days after the second 40-day condition on May, 4 2008, Washington Family Church National Cathedral hosted an installation ceremony of the new pastor, Rev. Zagery Oliver, and assistant pastor, Rev. David Reed.

On May 18, 2008, Washington Family Church National Cathedral hosted the farewell ceremony of our beloved Continental Director Dr. Chang Shik Yang, who America will deeply miss and who has left an indelible mark on the providential forward movement of America. During this period, Washington Family Church was officially proclaimed the “National Cathedral” with a new sign outside the church building indicating so.

On May 28, 2008 Washington Family Church National Cathedral received 70 of our precious 2nd Generation STF/CARP members who were on their last 21 days of two years, three years, and for one sister, four years of STF service.

When it was first announced that these sacrificial 2nd Generation were coming, I could clearly hear the walls of the church literally crying out, longing and rejoicing for the coming home of its true owners. It reminded me of the biblical text that ‘creation is groaning for the arrival of the sons and daughters of God’. The feeling that they were coming to reclaim this historical building was felt strongly.

The purpose for their stay was to finish the STF course with 21days of lecture and to connect with the Global Peace Festival initiative through outreach by plugging into preexisting outreach projects. They visited churches, congressmen on Capitol Hill, service organizations, and a DC Councilman at- Large, and they were well-received by all.

Seven days after the arrival of the 2nd Generation to the Washington Family Church National Cathedral happened to be the last day of the second 40-day condition and the True Day of All Things, June 4, 2008. We feel it was significant that the 2nd Generation arrived at the top of the growth stage of the 2nd 40-day condition symbolizing a victory.

Our condition will consist of three 40-day conditions that will bring us into the August 9 2008 Global Peace Festival.

On June 6, 2008 the 2nd generation made the determination from morning to night to truly claim their inheritance by cleaning, painting walls and the outside fence, and clearing out boxes, etc., from the top to the bottom of the church. This was a great and beautiful sight to behold. Because of the spiritual phenomena occurring so quickly along with their heartfelt love in taking such care of the church building, this enhanced the 2nd Generation’s experience here at the Washington Family Church National Cathedral.

At the conclusion of their 21 days, Washington Family Church National Cathedral hosted a BBQ rock-out and festivities for the CARP/STF on the parking lot of the church and it was a “BLAST”. It was the 1st Generation’s effort to serve as a celebration to show their appreciation for all the willing sacrifices that our children have made to enhance their life of faith.

As we began our 3rd 40-day Hoon Dok Hae condition, three days later on June 7, 2008, the Washington Family Church National Cathedral hosted the inauguration ceremony of the new Co-Continental Directors, Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim and Dr. Julia Kim.

Taking into account all the turns of events in this short amount of time symbolizes the unfolding of a new beginning for all of America. The unfolding began internally and will manifest itself externally whereby a great harvest will be reaped. It has been a great pleasure for the entire Washington Family members, headquarters staff, and greater community to host our STF graduates.

Rev. Zagery J. Oliver
Pastor of Washington Family Church National Cathedral 

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