The Words of the Ohnuki Family

Testimony of Spiritual Experiences

Takeyoshi Daikan Ohnuki
April 1981

I am Daikan, from Japan. I am deeply grateful to our True Parents because they used my eldest son, Kenji ("Daikan") Ohnuki, for 18 years, giving him very important missions. I am so grateful and honored that my son has been utilized in that fashion.

Furthermore, I am so deeply grateful that Father invited me to come and participate in True Parents' birthday and Yeon Jin's dedication ceremony. It was such a great honor that a person like me could participate in such a ceremony. I have been to the United States seven times, including this one, and have attended the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies.

Father asked me to give you some testimony about the spirit world and my spiritual experiences. Actually, I knew Father was going to instruct me to say a few words to you. This morning in prayer, at 3:00 a.m., spirit world told me, "You had better be prepared; Father will ask you to speak."

A few days ago, Father asked me to go around to the American church institutions to bear witness to the spirit world and the need to use spiritual power. By bringing this testimony to the American family, he wants me to make you aware of the spirit world and to bring the whirlwind-like spiritual fire to this country, as it has come to Japan.

I have been a church member for 19 years. During these 19 years many spiritual revelations have come to me, revealing heavenly secrets about Father's greatness. I have been clearly shown what kind of spiritual giant Father is, throughout the entire heaven.

Let me be direct with you, since I have not so much time. The first awareness I received about living the heavenly life here on earth through Father's way was the need to give up ourselves. In the Bible it says you must give up your physical body in order to see God. It is a rather simple statement, but to bring the full realization to the statement is rather difficult.

In order to receive the Spirit if God or revelations from the spirit world, the best way to prepare yourself is to make a vacuum inside you, to become like an electric light bulb which has a vacuum inside of it.

Then when the electric current enters the light bulb without any resistance, the bulb will receive it and become a shining light. By the same token, man must empty himself totally and become like an electric light bulb to God. When an electric light bulb receives electric current, it will spark and give out heat and light. That same principle works precisely as well with men.

When I first joined the church, knowing that my body was stained by sin, satanic habits and satanic customs, I wanted to make myself a holy temple. Therefore, for eight years the first thing I did physically every morning was to cleanse my body with a cold shower. Whether I am awake or asleep, I think about nothing but the fulfillment and realization of God's will. I disciplined myself that way. Then I felt the direct dominion of God with me.

Father spends most of his time in the United States and seldom comes to Japan. However, the Japanese Church knows that Father loves Japan so much; he manifests himself constantly to Japanese members, giving them messages and guidance, according to their need. The presence of Father is almost constant in Japan. For me, even though I am in Japan and Father is in the United States and there is a great physical distance between the two of us, I never feel any difference.

I do not speak any foreign language, but I have no fear of going to Great Britain or the United States, because I always have God with me. When I get stuck, I always ask him what to do and he always comes back with an answer. As long as I follow that answer, I never become lost -- whether in the middle of London or the center of New York. That is my characteristic, my special forte, so to speak.

I am therefore so deeply grateful and honored that Father can use a humble man like me. My entire life has been renewed and resurrected through this way of living. I have such a rapport with Father -- there is a continual give and take between us. What a pleasure to live a life like this! I now understand what it means to come under the complete dominion of God, to become like a prisoner of Him.

Even though I have only met Father a few times in my life, that is not important. Of course, I come to see Father physically; no honor can compete with that. However, even away from Father, I am never really distant from him. Therefore, to me this is the greatest privilege in my life, and I never cease offering my gratitude to Father.

So I have come to the conclusion and conviction that Father's words will never leave me. That means, in a way that I am living truth, a walking Father, a walking God. I am experiencing this every day, so I cannot go wrong.

I would like to reveal to you Father's method of teaching me. As you know, we are given life in a dual manner, physical and spiritual, and God manifested Himself in the creation of man both spiritually and physically. Encased in the body of man is the Spirit of God. That, as you know, is the essence of the human creation.

Every morning, while my body is still in bed sleeping, my spirit man awakes first and has give and take with Father. Father always appears in the morning -- not for very long, only three or five seconds, 13 seconds at the most. Here you may see Father very benign and very loving and smiling. But sometimes I see Father in spirit so stern, so powerful, so shining. He is almost like fireworks exploding, or oxygen ignited by a spark. Sometimes Father's body appears totally white, shining like a light bulb. All kinds of aspects of Father I witness every morning, for three to 13 seconds.

I want to tell each of you leaders from all over the world that the word of God is communicated through Father. That must take first priority over anything else in your life -- over anything else you read, over any other knowledge you gain. You must take Father's words seriously and give them the top priority in your life.

You never really know Father until you live with the full use of ten different senses. You have five physical senses, but you need the additional five spiritual senses supplementing the five physical senses. Then you can appreciate Father. You may think you know Father, but you see such a small part of him. I want you to realize this.

This is the age of the end of the world, no question about it. I am not saying this in a pessimistic way but in a good way. This is the messianic age, and we are chosen to participate in the messianic task and serve our True Parents. Therefore, I want you to know that you are chosen champions of history. Behind every one of you stretches out a line of ancestors. I can see these people behind you with my own spiritual eyes; I see them so clearly.

My dear brothers and sisters from all over the world, we have a job to do and we have such a wonderful Father. We have Heavenly Father's image walking among us. What a privilege to serve him! Let us give our loyalty, dedication and hard work to carry out his will. That is the fulfillment of God's will. God bless you. 

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