The Words of the Odlin Family

Rev. Greg Odlin Writes From Africa - Fourth International World Tour

Greg Odlin
November 23, 2006

Dear Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins,

Finally, an Internet connection! I have been volunteering for the most remote speaking events so I have been out in the bush for many days in a row. We even needed a military escort to return from one Mahi city under the threat of bandits. The response of Muslim communities is amazing. They focus on every word of Father's. Yesterday at a mosque, 1000 attended. A mini-riot broke out when someone came to the back after the speech. He had maybe a dozen copies of True Father's words. They were almost fighting to get the few copies. They actually tore up the pages in their efforts to get a copy. I was moved to tears to see such zeal. When I was asked to pray, everyone wanted a translator to translate my words because they wanted to know the context.

The ministers are have deep experiences. This is like MFT or STF training for them. God is touching theirs hearts in mighty ways. Each according to their spiritual needs. I love the opportunity to speak to them about Father or read Divine Principle to them when the opportunity arises. They meet our wonderful Brothers and Sisters and are so moved by their faith and dedication. Father is so smart to send them on the world tour. I feel God's desperate heart to expand UPF foundation as quickly as possible.

Your brother on tour in Africa,
Rev. Greg Odlin

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