The Words of the Obata Family

In Memoriam Norimasa Obata

March 18, 1986

Norimasa Obata came to America in October 1985. He had already served True Parents faithfully for 11 years, working for CARP for a long time in Japan and also briefly in Germany. He was blessed in the 6000 Couple Blessing in Korea. Norimasa originally came to America to serve God's providence as a pioneer and city leader in Clarksville, Tennessee, but was working temporarily in Nashville.

On the morning of March 18, 1986, Norimasa was sitting alone on a bench in Nashville's Sevier Park, three blocks from the center, praying and reading a book of Father's sermons, when he was shot by a man who had no apparent motive.

Norimasa had a burning desire to accomplish God's will, and mentioned once that he wanted to be a sacrifice, like Isaac, for God. His record of sincerity and hard work remains and will never be forgotten.

A Seunghwa ceremony was held on March 20 in Nashville. Regional Coordinator Tom Cutts, Regional IW Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu, and Dr. Hugh Spurgin offered words of comfort and encouragement to representative Japanese and American members, as well as to his wife and mother, who were in attendance.

Let us remember Norimasa in our hearts and send him prayers and good wishes as he embarks upon a new phase of life. 

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