The Words of the Nuylan Family

Mini GPF held in Tochigi

Ernie Nuylan
November 2,2008
Utsunomiya City Cultural Center

November 2, 2008, 2 weeks before the big day of the Tokyo GPF Main event at the Ajinomoto Stadium, Tochigi held its own GPF orientation at the Utsunomiya City Cultural Center. The thirty guests who almost filled the 40-seat capacity function room, permeated the excited air with their “oohs” and “aahs” while watching the video presentation of the different GPF events in the Philippines, in addition to the keynote speech by Ms. Angie Obara, who elaborated on the themes of family rebuilding, culture of service, inter-religious cooperation and realization of multiracial and multi-cultural co-existence.

Ms. Nimfa Sasaki, founder of the Tochigi Filipino Society gave the Invocation and welcomed everyone. Thanks to Jack Calugan who emceed and started the lively atmosphere, they all got excited from the beginning. Through the video presentation, they identified themselves with the different localities in the Philippines from where they came. They attended a small local event but realized how big the GPF is worldwide and they were additionally inspired to understand that it started in the Philippines - they prided themselves in the idea that something great was started in their country and has spread internationally.

In addition to the prospects of peace that they knew to be of utmost importance, the multicultural gathering of people expressed through arts, songs and dances, was central to their interest. The greater part of the audience were dancers who performed in the entertainment part of the program. It was interesting that the audience diminished in half when the dancers vacated their seats to perform their Pandango and Tinikling.

Their numbers may not be as expected but their commitment to go to the main event, not only to attend but to perform their dances as well, gave us the reason to feel grateful that God can work through hands, however few. Given the very short notice and preparation to hold the event, the result was more than what could be expected. The Tochigi local members were short of time and resources. 

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