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The Messiahship of the Lord by Christian Nseka

Molly Martin
August 2010

Christian Nseka's The Messiahship of the Lord: Introducing a New Perspective on the "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ, according to the author, is centered on the task of the Messiah, which for those calling themselves Christian revolves around Jesus and His return or Second Coming. This work, consisting of 200-plus well-written, heavily researched pages, is divided into five chapters. Nseka delves into The Heart and the Mission of Jesus Christ, The Messiahship of the Lord, A New Perspective on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, A New Perspective on the "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ, and The Second Coming of the Messiah.

Nseka explains how his book came about: "This book is a compilation of my life experience with God, His will and His word. It is not written to convert anybody; it is written to enlighten the reader about the mission of the Messiah centered on Jesus and the Second Coming, and also to enlighten the reader about God's word and will, and humanity's responsibility in relation to the Messiah.

"Using the inspirations I have received from heaven together with my humble understanding of the Bible and the teachings of the Unification Church, I have put together this book to help anyone, Christian as well as non-Christian, religious as well as non-religious, to understand the mission of Jesus, his heart, his Messiahship, his rise from the dead, and more."

I liked that Nseka stated early on that his book was not written with a view toward converting anyone to or from the religion they hold dear, but is written to provide some clarity for readers who may hold strong beliefs, but may not really understand how others who also hold strong beliefs fit into the scheme of things.

I found The Messiahship of the Lord to be very understandable, attention-grabbing and packed with the results of the writer's investigation.

In addition to the perceptions presented in the five chapters, Nseka has added appendices, as well as a very helpful index listing the page(s) where a specific person, concept, thing, or place can be found.

Nseka presents not only a tie to Christianity, but also provides the reader with passages from religious writings of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism all pointing to the idea that the world's major religions embrace deity in one guise or another in addition to having a concept of Messiah. From earliest days, people have sought to explain what they cannot easily explain via the belief in deity and in Messiah, whether Messiah is referred to as Avatar, Bodhisattva, Christ, Imam, or Maitreya.

Nseka shows that the perception of Messiah is a common theme. The term Messiah is generally linked to Christianity through Jesus wherein the Messiah is the chosen one, anointed by God, whose purpose is to liberate the human race as the world is freed from the grasp of Satan.

It is Nseka's belief that Christianity should serve as a bridge between Jesus Christ and other religions.

A good bit of the work deals with what Nseka terms to be connection of the heart, the role it plays, and why it is important. Connection of the heart, according to Nseka, is the providing of indispensable, perhaps even obligatory, as well as categorical support when it is critically needed.

I enjoyed reading The Messiahship of the Lord: introducing a New Perspective on the "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ. While the writer Nseka is a believer in Jesus as the Messiah, the book is written in such a manner that whatever his religious background, the reader will be able to read and understand each of the various concepts, including the role of the disciples and apostles who followed Christ, the earthly mission of Jesus Christ, the Messiahship of Christ, another perspective regarding the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, another perspective regarding the revivification of Jesus Christ, as well as the return of the Messiah, put forth by Nseka.

I am happy to recommend Christian Nseka's The Messiahship of the Lord: Introducing a New Perspective on the "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ for those who would like another perspective regarding Jesus, Messiah and religion in general, as well as for those who are avid Bible scholars and enjoy learning more about their own and other religions, and how and why various religions may 'have come to their own understanding of Messiah and the impact of Messiah upon all humanity. 

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