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My Opinion (In Response to the Incident in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Christian Nseka
June 17, 2010

Let's get something straight. True Father cannot show favor because he likes one person more than one other. Neither can True Mother. Decisions that True Parents make are influenced by the providence. They are for the sake of the fulfillment of the providence of restoration.

Restoration means eliminating all evil influence found in this world and returning the world to God. Since it was not God but human beings who made this world what it is today, it is the responsibility of human beings, under the tutelage of True Parents, to return this world to what it was before the Fall -- no Satan, no evil, and no sin. This is why the world needs the Messiah. This is why humanity needs True Parents.

The presence of True Parents on earth does not mean the completion of restoration, but rather its beginning. It will take several generations of pure human beings before restoration is completed. This means that our True Parents will not be able, despite their well wishes and dedication, to turn this world into a world in which God's ideal has completely been realized. This is because True Parents are only two individuals whose combined lifespan will probably not exceed a quarter of a millennium.

This is not enough time for True Parents to fulfill God's ideal as it would have been fulfilled if Adam and Eve did not fall. So what is the responsibility of True Parents in this case? Their responsibility is to plant the seed for the realization of God's ideal and establish foundations that the whole of humanity, including their physical children, will use in turning this world into God's Kingdom on earth.

In other words, though restoration starts with True Parents, it certainly does not end with them. It ends with their subsequent generations. And this is possible only and only if True Parents' subsequent generations remain loyal to God's ideal of creation in obedience to True Parents.

As for the restoration of the birthright, the simple fact that True Parents have established the first four-position foundation centered on God does not mean that they have completed the restoration of birthright. Birthright became corrupt when Satan took control of the created world by stealing God's children -- Adam and Eve. As True Father has mentioned it time and again, Satan was the first one to lead the world. Jesus also pointed it out when he said that humanity's father was the devil (John 8:42-44). Let it be noted that the restoration of birthright will only be completed when God becomes the SOLE RULER He was meant to be. As long as Satan continues to exist and confuse humanity, no one should say that birthright has been restored. Once again, it will take generations of pious siblings in order to complete the restoration of birthright.

By the same token, the tradition of the oldest son becoming the heir was claimed by Satan when he stole God's children. Thenceforth, it has remained a secular rather than heavenly tradition. The fact that Korea practices that tradition does not make it a heavenly tradition. It has to be embraced by True Parents for it to become a heavenly tradition. Unfortunately given that the restoration of the birthright is not completed yet, and given that evil is still extant, True Parents have no ground upon which to endorse such a tradition. The tradition of the oldest son becoming the heir of heavenly fortune will be reclaimed by heaven when and only when God becomes the SOLE RULER. Until then, a child in the Abel position, younger sibling, is the one through whom heaven will bequeath heavenly fortune.

That been said, it makes sense to say that there need to be restoration of Cain and Abel (Esau and Jacob) positions within the True Family. We need not to forget that these positions have never been restored at the world and cosmic levels. Yes the True Family is a four-position foundation established centered on God, but even the True Family still has a course of restoration to travel in order to become a family that Satan will bow to. Hence the restoration of Cain and Abel positions among the True Children.

It is my understanding that, for the sake of restoration, the True Children can be divided into two relational groups: one group is that of True Children born before 1968 and the other of True Children born after 1968.

Among the True Sons born before 1968, Hyo Jin Nim is the oldest. Hence he is in the position of Cain while Heung Jin Nim, the youngest son among those born before 1968, is in the position of Abel.

Among the True Sons born after 1968, Hyun Jin Nim is in the position of Cain while Hyung Jin Nim in that of Abel.

(In case you are wondering why 1968. Simply because it was the year during which Father and Mother became perfect.)

The two sets of Cain and Abel relationships are to work in a harmony. The first set, that of Hyo Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim, is to be of Cain type (older). And the second set, that of Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim, is to be of Abel type (younger). This means that Hyo Jin Nim is Cain of Cain type, Heung Jin Nim Abel of Cain type, Hyun Jin Nim Cain of Abel type, and Hyung Jin Nim Abel of Abel type.

After Heung Jin Nim transitioned into the spirit world, Hyun Jin Nim, in addition to being the Cain brother from the second set, occupied the position of Abel that was left vacant (on the physical realm) by Heung Jin Nim. When considered in terms of restoration, the absence of Heung Jin Nim created a physical imbalance in terms of True Family's responsibility in restoring the Cain and Abel positions at the world and cosmic levels.

The hidden reality is that, in order to maintain the required balance within the True Family, each of the four sons should occupy their rightful position. This is why when Hyo Jin Nim transitioned into the spirit world to join his rightful Abel, the power-shift automatically began to happen between Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim. Hyo Jin Nim's transition restored each of the four brothers in their rightful positions.

It is not as if Father woke up one morning and decided that he had to "demote" Hyun Jin Nim and "promote" Hyung Jin Nim. Father always knew that Hyun Jin Nim's position was that of Cain. There was neither demotion nor promotion. As Hyo Jin Nim elevated to the spirit world, Hyun Jin Nim was automatically reinstated in his original position of Abel-type Cain.

Neither Father nor Mother can decide which one of their children is Cain or Abel, or which one should become the representative of Father or Mother. This is beyond True Parents. All that True Parents do, in this respect, is to recognize what unfolds, endorse it, and guide it if necessary. This is why in 2008 Father asked Hyun Jin Nim to take a year off from his public activities.

In reality all fourteen physical children of True Parents represent True Parents. All the boys represent Father whereas the girls Mother. This is probably why there are seven True Sons and seven True Daughters -- balance. Hyung Jin Nim is the head of all seven representatives of Father. As for all of the representatives of Mother, In Jin Nim is the head.

By association, all the members of the Unification Movement and by extension all human beings are Cain children of True Parents while all the True Children are Abel children of True Parents. As Cain children of True Parents, it is our responsibility to protect the True Children and serve as their hand-rails. Some of us are to assume this responsibility indirectly while some others are to do so directly. For instance, those who are in immediate contact with any of the True Children are to assume the said responsibility directly. They are to protect those Abel children of True Parents from losing balance. They are to help and guide them, YES GUIDE THEM, so that they can remain aligned. Hence it is not only the responsibility of Hyun Jin Nim to understand how precious his position is in the fulfillment of the providence of Cheon Il Guk; it is also, more than one can imaging, the responsibility of those in his entourage to understand his value, mission, and position centered on God's ideal as it is to be realized through our True Parents. Failure to do so will result in Satan gaining an upper hand that he really truly does not deserve at this stage of the providence. Our greed blinds us and leads us to do things that hurt God. It happened with those who were in the entourage of Jesus, and it is happening today in the entourage of the True Family.

Even though carrying on under the influence of greed may seem to benefit those who do so, it always, without a doubt, consumes its practitioners. And when that happens, God loses even more.

Let us all pray so that this predicament become a thing of the past before the end of the year 2012.

God and True Parents need Hyun Jin Nim to realign with True Parents. Can you imagine what type of force will be created when there is harmony between the unity created by Hyo Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world and the unity created between Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim here on earth? Will Satan have room to prevent the providence of Cheon Il Guk from becoming a success? Who wins when this unity and harmony does not happen? Think about. Pray about.

May God bless you all in this tenth year of Cheon Il Guk and first year of Heaven!

Your brother,
Christian Nseka 

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