The Words of the Nkulu Family

Testimony of giving True Parents' Autobiography book

Rhia Nkulu
September 11, 2010

My mother turned 76 years old August 31st, and we celebrated it Sept 4, 2010 in San Diego, Ca. My sister Marina and her husband John Acevedo flew from Chicago and we had a small family reunion and birthday celebration.

Marina and John brought Holy Wine and I brought True Parents' autobiography book as give away. We were able to give all the guests Holy Wine and each family brought a book home. I gave 20 books in all.

One particular guest that arrived late was my hometown friend, Carmen Lopez, and her brothers from LA. I brought her to True Mother's event November 2007. She was able to receive an Ambassador for Peace Award that time, but we lost contact and we are so happy to meet again this time. She was happy to receive True Parents' book.

I was surprised to receive a phone call from her this week, thanking me for giving that book to her, she told me that she finished reading it. She started reading it in the car that night and couldn't sleep until 3 am because she couldn't stop reading it.

She read it the next morning even while driving to work, she reads it each time the car is stopped in the traffic… she didn't even eat lunch so she could finish the book! Her co-workers were so curious as to what this book she is so engrossed in reading that she told them all about it and she was so excited to share it to them all. She said that they are all wanting to get a copy of the book as well! She was asking me if I can share more books to her so she can give to others too. She told me that many times she cried while reading it as she realized how lonely and difficult life Rev. Moon has! This week while reading this book so many blessings came to her life.

I sent her one more True Parents book and my Divine Principle yesterday, and told her to read the DP this time so she can understand the revelation True Father received and reminded her to read True Mother's speech that she has at home. She said that she is already excited to read it! We spoke for long hours and she even called me again this morning that she woke up and thinking of Rev. Moon.

I am so inspired by her response and realized that is the reason why True Parents want us all to give away this book as soon as has the power to change lives and the best witnessing tool ever!

Rhia Nkulu
Arizona, USA 

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