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WCARP-Philippines 2007-2008: Annual Report

Aldrin NitumaJune 1, 2008
WCARP Philippines, President

The World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles- Philippines (WCARP- Phil’s.) is a campus-based organization that raises young leaders of character, who live for the greater good and building a culture of True Love.

WCARP is duly registered in accordance of the Corporation Code of the Philippines (Batas Pambansa Blng. 68) at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with the Company Registration Number of CN 200610350.

With accordance to the article of incorporation in Section 2 Numbers 1 to 9 detailed their aims and purposes.

All the given activities and projects were aligned to the aims of the incorporation as follows:

A gathering of youth from all over the world in a joyous occasion, for many of the participants in the cultural night of the International Youth Day Conference, was only just a dream. But when the dusk of August 11, 2006 came, that dream turned into a concrete reality when an awesome and historic event transpired in the newly established university known as the Universidad de Manila. At the university's Palma Hall, a heart-warming, fun and memorable once in a lifetime experience took place.

Young people from different walks of life around the world gathered to celebrate the seventh International Youth Day through a Cultural Night. Regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion and beliefs, they were all in one place showcasing their talents and rich culture.

Delegates having a try of the tinikling, a traditional Filipino dance wherein the dancer gracefully skip across two clipping bamboo poles. Lucky the delegates didn't hurt their feet.

More than a two hundred youth from 30 countries were represented: Russia, U.S., Malaysia, Thailand, Latin America, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, India, Switzerland, Korea, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Kenya to name a few and of course the host country Philippines which had more than one hundred delegates from different student organizations. The delegates from each country presented entertainment numbers showcasing their talents, culture and identity. Everyone was delighted and fascinated by every country's performance. Most of the delegates presented their wealthy culture through dance and music number with matching colorful and elegant national costumes, and native musical instruments and even improvised musical instruments, like water gallons utilized as drum by the delegates from Sun Moon University.

International students join to render a variety of talents to the tune of Arirang. The traditional Korean song was made upbeat stirring up the atmosphere.

The program run smoothly with every performance applauded and even joined by other foreign delegates with enthusiasm, youthfulness and vigorous spirit. Everyone participated actively and appreciated each presentation genuinely.

Local youth such as this Chinese ballet group took part in entertaining the delegates.

Familial atmosphere was felt all over the place. Every individual interacts with one another as if they found their long lost brothers and sisters. Every face has a smile so sweet and warm, every heart was widely open to welcome their brothers and sisters from across the political borders and religious division’s human beings have made. Their eyes have a glow of hope of becoming united to be one family regardless of religion, color, and race under one God, our Creator.

The theme of the conference with which the cultural night was included was "Tackling Poverty Together”. And the youth delegates believe that in order to solve poverty, we should work hand and hand, have an exchange of ideas to come up with better and effective solution to combat poverty, move forward to execute the plans, and most importantly we should have an exchange of hearts in order to understand each others' needs, hear unheard cries and listen to unspoken words of longing and helplessness of our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world so that we can come up with ideas which are unselfish and will benefit not only one group or one country but all humanity.

The program was made possible through the efforts of volunteers from the AIESEC, an international student exchange organization, of De La Salle University and Mr. Little Jones Espeleta, Youth Federation for World Peace Philippines President, Mr Julius Malicdem, World CARP Philippines VP for Second Generation and the sponsorship of Meralco, a major power provider in the Philippines.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. A day of hope for a world of peace was realized as 20,000 young people from various schools and youth organizations joined to celebrate and commit to accomplish the vision of one world of peace at the Araneta Coliseum last 12 August 2006.

The highlight of the gathering was the captivating speech by our dynamic President and Elder Brother, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon. The only force that can bind the differences among the peoples in this world, he said, is through “true love power.” The most surprising part of his message is his challenge for everyone in the audience to work together to accomplish a gathering of 2 million people in 2008 in Manila for a rally that can create a “heavenly tsunami” that will revive the Philippines and spread throughout the world. This show of strength and unity of youth never before seen in the nation’s, if not the world’s history, will create a strong movement for the vision of peace to be realized.

The tireless Philippine Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jose de Venecia, also spoke in the event citing the importance of true love in eliminating the innumerable conflicts being fought now around the world. Amazed at how the Unification Movement can come up with this huge gathering of youth, he believed that with this number, the youth can create a revolution of heart needed to change the world. He cited the Philippine government’s proposal to the UN to erase the debt of the poor nations as a step towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The event included a pledge of commitment from the youth to join hands in fulfilling the UN Millennium Development Goals, which includes halving poverty, disease, illiteracy, and other important issues. These developmental goals, when fulfilled, will be the structural groundwork for the vision of peace, one global family under God, to be realized.

Hundreds of government and non-government officials from the youth also graced the occasion. The rest of the audience came mainly from high school and university students, teacher delegates attending the International Professors and Educators Conference and international youth leaders and delegates participating in the International Youth Day Conference. Performances by Jay-R and Rivermaya, popular local R and B artist and rock band respectively, roused the audience to their feet filling the coliseum with a roar of youth power. A testimony from a youth volunteer and a speech of support from Manila City government were also included in the program

The rally concluded the three-day conference of the International Youth Day, which included talks on achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and a service project in Baseco, Tondo with Service for Peace and Gawad Kalinga.

The rally, sponsored by World CARP, was jointly organized by Youth Federation for World Peace and United Nations Association of the Philippines.

The 6th International Education Conference, a gathering for education and communication to share best practices from each chapter of CARP worldwide, was held at the Philippine International Convention Center last August 13, 2006. More than 250 international leaders from World CARP, Service for Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace and 350 local leaders and core members gathered. This year saw for the first time the inclusion of SFP and YFWP leaders and situated in Manila.

Highlighting our youth's collective goals for world peace in the future, student and youth organizations set up exhibits at the Main Lobby of Universidad de Manila which welcomed more than 1300 students from around the globe last August 10, 2006 for the International Youth Expo.

To open the expo, a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held at the exhibit venue last August 10. Dignitaries present at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony were Honorable Miles Roces, (Congressman for the Third District of Manila), Dr. Rodrigo Malunhao (President, Universidad de Manila) and Dr. Christopher B.H. Kim and Dr. Julia Kim (Continental Directors for Asia). Second part of the program then followed with entertainment from the talented students of Universidad de Manila.

Honorable Miles Roces, representing Manila City Mayor Lito Atienza that time had stressed about the youth's imperative role on peace building and national advancement as the leaders of tomorrow. He also affirmed that the younger generation must not anticipate for the elders to take ownership of our current tribulations but must take initiative in carrying the national burden as the prime movers and catalysts for change. Young student leaders then applauded as a signal of taking in the challenge. Some exhibitors were: Young Women's Christian Association, Manila Youth Bureau, Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Universidad de Manila Student Council, World CARP International, Youth Federation for World Peace and World CARP Philippines.

As a part of World CARP 40-Day National Leadership Training- Experiential Component, the “Pure Love Rally” was launched last April 26, 2007 from Mejan Garden to Carriedo, Manila.

There were 103 participants with World CARP Leaders, Pure Love Missionaries from Korea and Staffs participated. It was a march promoting ‘purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage’. It is an exposure and awareness to the students in giving value to their purity as a young and a young leaders in setting as a good example to the community.

Correspondingly, as a pat of the World CARP 40-Day National Leadership Training- Experiential Component conducted “The Reason Why I Love You” last April 30, 2007 at Luneta Park, Taft Avenue, Manila.

103 participants with the aid of World CARP Leaders and Pure Love Missionaries from Korea had participated this activity. It is a half-day “Adopt a Child” activity designed for feeding, clothing and taking care of them even only in a given time.

In celebration of the International Day of Peace, the “Manila Bay Coastal Clean-up Drive” was launched last September 5, 2007 at Baywalk, Roxas Blvd., Manila.

Students from different college and university in Metro Manila

More than 3,000 NSTP-CWTS students and World CARP members and 10,000 GO’s and NGO’s participated. It aims to protect and preserve the bodies of water, creating camaraderie, concern and unity among students and agencies in the community.

Seven hundred eighty four students, professors and other guests experienced the excitement at Rizal Technological University Gymnasium last September 20, 2007 for the "1st Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition as Organized by World CARP Philippines- National Capital Region.

With the theme, "Expanding the Culture of Heart through Dance and Music”, 18 schools participated to showcase not only their talents in singing and dancing but their teamwork, youth dynamism and sportsmanship as well.

As crowd of students in different uniforms filled the gymnasium, the program formally started with the doxology performance from Hiraya Dance Troup of TIP (Technological Institute of the Philippines) - CARP Chapter.

Dr. Edmon Pacson, Vice President for Education and NCR-CARP Executive Director gave the welcome remarks as he introduced World CARP’s Vision, Mission and Core Values to the young and high-spirited crowd.

For the much awaited moment, 26 entries for the song category and 16 group dance entries grooved and enthralled the audience to vie the top 3 major awards in both categories.

Before the announcement of winners, the Tong Il Moo Do National Demonstration Team gave an intermission number of which left the audience hanging to the edge of their seats.

Moving on, everyone gave their attention as the Board of Judges, composed of: Dr. Aldrin Nituma (WCARP-Philippines National President); Dr. Edmon Pacson (VP for Education and NCR-CARP Executive Director); Dr. Ann Marlita Montejo-Arevalo (VP for Leadership Development); Ms. Sharleen Estiandan (Secretary-General of WCARP- Philippines); Dr. Caroline Niñonuevo (Service for Peace National President); Prof. Ryan Regala Manal (Owner, Grand Music Palace Philippines) and Ms. Mishuku NikKuni (Pure Love Director), gave their final verdict.

The winners of the 1st Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition were:

Song Category:

1st Place- Alyssa Temena (Philippine Normal University)

2nd Place- Maricor Ocampo (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

3rd Place- Angelika Omones (Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology)

Consolation Prizes:

1. John Vincent Decena (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

2. Benna Churl Lacay (Tashashas College Company)

3. Caithleen Cena (Far Eastern University)

4. Erlimson Perez(Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology)

5. Joan Jabines (University of Makati)

Dance Category:

1st Place- FEU Dance Company (Far Eastern University)

2nd Place- Teatro Rizalia (Rizal Technological University)

3rd Place- Maximum Extreme Dance Company (EARIST)

Consolation Prizes:

1. UMDT (University of Manila)

2. Funky Jazz Extreme (University of Makati)

After several days of tiresome rehearsals, the efforts of the winners paid off as they gave their loudest cheers as their names were announced; appreciating a taste of victory.

In the celebration of International Day of Peace, Service for Peace- Philippines in collaboration with Rotary Club, Gawad Kalinga, World CARP and other organizations joined together to honor Global Ceasefire and Day of Peace and Non-violence last September 21, 2007 in areas of Metro Manila.

Youth and student volunteers from Asian College of Science and Technology (ACSAT), Far Eastern University (FEU), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), UTS-Asia and other cause-oriented groups conducted side-walk cleaning, basketball court re-painting, poster-making contest, peace advocacy and signature campaign in Barangay. Escopa, Manila, GK Laura and Muslim Community in Barangay. Culiat, both in Quezon City as a focal point for community-unity and peace-inspiring cause.

To culminate the event, a closing program was held in San Andres Sports Complex- the same venue for the “MUSIKAPAYAPAAN” (concert for peace), a live band showdown.” Here messages of peace were conveyed by those who were present in the event: Pres. Roberto Ross, Rotary Club of Manila Bay; Gen. Rodulfo Diaz, Public Military Affairs from Manila Mayor’s Office and Brgy. Chairman Elizan from Brgy. 704, San Andres Bukid, Manila. A Harmony Prayer for Peace followed after an inspiring closing remark by Dr. Samuel Salvador, Vice President for Academic Affairs of PUP.

The winners of the Inter-Collegiate Song and Dance Competition organized by World CARP Philippines shared their part of Peace Advocacy through their talent performances.

FEU Dance Troupe also gave their peace contribution with their energetic dance performance

For the Live Band Face-off, Bands such as Sunday Picnic Love Affair, Syato, Dream Kitchen, Free Soul, Seventh Sign, Siete Colores, Reggae Mistress and other local bands enthralled the young audience for their song numbers related to the peace-inspiring cause.

Through the annual celebration of the International Day of Peace in every part of the globe, it hopes to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world with one heart, one family and students nationwide had their undertaking in the Manila Bay in celebration of the Global Peace Festival 2007

On December 9 at 6 AM, around 10,000 volunteers from 39 schools and universities in Metro Manila, and over 100 community groups flocked to join in the 1st Balikatang Kabataan para sa Kaunlaran ng Bayan (BKKB) Coastal Cleaning Project, a massive coastal clean-up of the Manila Bay to kick-off the Global Peace Festival (GPF) 2007 celebration.

The World Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principles (W-CARP) Philippines together with the Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers, Inc. (PSNEI) initiated the project on the theme, “Building Peaceful Communities through Spreading the Culture of Service”, with full support from the City of Manila thru the Hon. Mayor Alfredo S. Lim. Noted also were the international delegates from around the globe representing different sectors of society also joined the clean-up brigade.

The project marked the beginning of a five-day GPF 2007 celebration upon which the Universal Peace Federation is the principal organizer. This project is the first team up of W-CARP Philippines and the NSTP sector thru PSNEI President, Dr. Florida Labuguen, Director, NSTP Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) and World-TUP Chapter Adviser.

The first involvement of W-CARP Philippines in the coastal clean-up project was during the 22nd International Coastal Clean-up Day held last September 15, 2007, with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the City of Manila, PSNEI/ NSTP Philippines and other NGOs.

This year’s BKKB Coastal Clean-up Project was facilitated mainly by the NSTP directors themselves hand in hand with the W-CARP Philippines’ staffs and members; also supported by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the International Service for Peace, the Mister and Miss University International (MMUI) 2007 with other local and international Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace (CAP) as ambassadors of goodwill belonging to worldwide Student Peace-building Corps (SPC).

The program was led by emcee, Dr. Rogelio I. Espiritu, Director, NSTP University of the East (UE) with Dr. Labuguen who gave the welcome remarks and presented the participants to the honorable guests. Dr. Christopher B.H. Kim, Regional Chairman of UPF Asia and Founder of the International Cultural Educational Foundation (ICEF) emphasized in his message the significance of protecting and preserving the environment as given by God almighty.

The Hon. Alfredo S. Lim, Mayor, City of Manila in his keynote speech iterated the that the civil society, the community settlers in the vicinity, not only the government has both shared responsibilities in maintaining and sustaining environmental wellness of the coastlines and clearing of waterways as it is a repercussion of inter-connected cause and effect. He is inspired to see the youth becoming prime movers in taking the challenge to work on the same grounds of doing real service in action. While Mister and Miss University International (MMUI) 2007 Mr. Ho Jee Yuan and Miss Chanidaphar Sanguanpuak also extended their warm greetings and encouragement to all the volunteers.

The opening program was closed by the powerful speech of Dr. Aldrin Nituma, President, W-CARP Philippines, saying that all volunteers to commit in sustaining the coastal environment not as a one time event or work done a sort of school compulsory requirement but one’s inherent ecological responsibility. He ended by leading the project slogan, “Kilos Kabataan, Mag-CUSA Tayo! Dahil Kaya Natin To!!!” (Youth Take Action, Let’s Initiate, for We Can Do It!!!)

After the opening program, the NSTP Directors signaled the start of the half-day coastal clean-up and the volunteers responded by going to their designated areas.

NSTP and W-CARP students took their chance to pose with World CARP Senior Vice President, Mr. Aya Goto.

The grand opening of the GPF 2007 through the coastal clean-up brought to light its vision of peace by having committed stakeholders and volunteers in creating a substantial platform of “One Family Under God.”

“Building a Peaceful Communities through Spreading the Culture of Service”, was launched in celebration of the Global Peace Festival 2007 (GPF ‘07) last December 10, 2007 in World CARP Chapter’s in Metro Manila.

It was an In-campus BKKB project with WCARP, SFP, CAP’s, MMUI and designated schools in Metro Manila. It aims to serve the community through taking creative actions and having harmonizing ability that leads into building a peaceful and progressive society.

“Bayanihang Kabataan para sa Kaunlaran ngBayan (BKKB) Baranggay Immersion” was took place in celebration of the Global Peace Festival (GPF ‘07) last December 11, 2007 at Brgy. Culiat with students, SFP and MMUI 2007.

The “1st College and University Student Assembly (CUSA)”, in celebration of the Global Peace Festival 2007 (GPF ‘07) were launched with the initiative of World CARP- Philippines, UPF, YFWP, PSNEI and affiliate organizations.

More than 5,000 students nationwide participated and with 1,200 Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace (CAP) appointed, having the revolutionizing presence of World CARP’s International President, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon with the International and National Leaders.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon prop up the significance of their role as young people of this nation in making a one common culture, a culture of “living for the sake of others” and building a substantial homeland of lasting peace and harmony within the community and the world.

The Global Peace Festival 2007 with the theme of “One Family Under God” was held last December 12, 2007 at Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines.

Marikina City, Philippines- Another "call-to-action step" successfully took place last February 24, 2008 at the Manila Boystown Complex through the partnership of World CARP Philippines' BKKB (Bayanihang Kabataan para sa Kinabukasan ng Bayan) and PSNEI (Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementors, Inc.), headed by Dr. Aldrin L. Nituma and Dr. Florida C. Labuguen respectively.

Six project facilitators and 16 team leaders from BKKB took the opportunity to motivate, guide and educate more than 370 NSTP-CWTS (National Training Service Program - Civic Welfare Training Service) Students from Technological University of the Philippines - Manila while emphasizing the true meaning of service. The project started at 9:00 in the morning and lasted at 4:00 in the afternoon.

Charge - Social Worker of the Manila Department of Social Welfare along with Mrs. Amy Baleon, Luwalhati ng Maynila Facilitator gave an overview and some important points about the history of the institution. Afterwards, the delegation of project sites for the participants followed with the help of Dr. Labuguen and Dr. Nituma.

The Manila Boystown Complex is a local independent institution under the City of Manila. This was first located along Bilibid Viejo (what the Manila City Jail is now) on 1949. On 1989, it was transferred into a 23-hectare perimeter at Parang, Marikina City. Before hand, the Manila Boystown Complex can accommodate only boys. As years pass by up to this present, they opened a Girls' town, Home for the Aged for abandoned elderly, a Foundling Home for toddlers and Luwalhati ng Maynila for the bedridden individuals. The Manila Boystown Complex is taking care of 218 boys from 7 years old and above, that is why they derived the name of the institution through its majority. Likewise, the Girls' town is taking care of girls from 7 years and older, while the Foundling Home is in-charge for nurturing children below 6 years old. The Home for the Aged was designed for the benefit and the cause of abandoned elderly, 60 years old and above. Also, the most heart-warming area of this institution the Luwalhati ng Maynila (roughly translated as "Glory of Manila") reviving hope and supplement needs for the bedridden individuals. All of these are taken from the City of Manila.

The pre-program phase started with barrier-breaker and goal setting activity commenced by the project facilitators and team leaders for the NSTP-CWTS students. Team-building session and preparation for the actual course or the moment of service followed. Students actively participated, responded and at the same time enjoyed giving service to the institution- with the children involvement activity particularly. Moreover, a clean-up drive was conducted along the vicinity of the complex as a way of expressing love for the environment. With the NSTP's cheer, "We learned! We trained! With the N-S-T-P! Won't stop! Won't quit! With the N-S-T-P!" students are definitely inspired and illuminated for that moment of experience through the Civic Welfare Training Service. Mixed handworks and perseverance of the participants made the service project successfully possible.

The participants were still packed with much energy and power that boosted the spirit of the closing ceremony and departure. All are enjoying that moment, singing and dancing together as brothers and sisters in the tune of CARP's song "I Can Lean on You". Through the undying fire within, Dr. Labuguen expressed the "hope that we can specify the learning's we gained." Also she added that, "Your attitude or behavior reflects the quality of the institution and hopefully it will serve as the springboard for future activities."

The successful community project, an unforgettable "social service for the sake of others" was made possible through the partnership of World CARP-Philippine's Bayanihang Kabataan para sa Kaunlaran ng Bayan (BKKB), National Service Training Program- Civic Welfare Training Service (NSTP-CWTS) through the Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers Incorporated (PSNEI), and the Manila Boystown Complex.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES- World CARP Philippine's Bayanihang Kabataan para sa Kaunlaran ng Bayan (BKKB), together with the Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers, Incorporated (PSNEI) yet launched another thriving project in cooperation with the City of Manila: "Adopt-A-Park".

With more than a thousand National Service Training Program- Civic Welfare Training Service (NSTP-CWTS) college students from various universities along Metro Manila who participated (Technological University of the Philippines-Manila (300), University of the East -- Manila (200), Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (200), Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Main Campus (200), Philippine Women's University (100), Adamson University (100) and 100 from other colleges and Universities including the BKKB volunteers), the event took place in the historical Bonifacio Shrine last March 2, 2008.

Beloved Mayor of Manila, Honorable Alfredo S. Lim, in his inspiring and commemorative message stated that the launching of this program is the attachment of a park-project for the youth and the people. "Park is the place for the enjoyment... we need to preserve it!" he affirmed strongly while opening the program.

The "Adopt-A-Park" project was designed not as a "grade-basis" for the students who attended the event but as a challenge for them to release the power and aspiration to work through more than the expectations. He also added "You should be concern on what's going on in the country¡¦manindigan kayo (stand for it)." Mayor Lim wanted to emphasize the important role of the youth, specifically the college students in the future of the country and its progress- both economically and politically.

It was followed by the prayer led by Ms. Judith Manuel from UE-Manila, then The Manila City Band for the Philippine National Anthem and Ms. Mary Angel Alastre for the Panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas (Oath to the Philippine Flag). Mr. Manuel Perez, the coordinator for NSTP under the Department of Public Recreations Bureau (DPRB) gave the opening remarks through reading the City Mayor's Official message for the launching of this project. Tagging along was Dr. Florida Labuguen, the President of PSNEI for her special remark as well as the announcement of the participating institutions. "Today, is just the beginning of the venture for the ultimate success of this program", she expressed while motivating the student participants. She also extended her warmest gratitude to the principal sponsor, the City of Manila and led the victory cheers on the project launching.

Engr. Deogracias Manimbo, the Department head of DPRB also gave his message stating the camaraderie of the youth and the government towards the progress of country in general and for the city in particular. "The success of this project will realize my vision (for the City of Manila) to be a world-class tourist attraction, and environmentally vibrant." He also added, "May we inspire the youth to aspire for good."

Moreover, World CARP Philippines President, Dr. Aldrin Nituma, touched the hearts of the college students through his closing remarks by strongly addressing the importance of ownership towards the vision of the service project.

In a memorable gesture to close the program, the participants put hands together and harmoniously sang "If We Hold on Together" (led by Annalou Bagusara, student from UE-Manila), before they were given assignments of what park to "adopt" along Manila area such as the Arroceros Villegas Park (University of the East-Manila), Plaza Lawton (Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology), Leyte and Bataan Mini-Park and Playground (Polytechnic University of the Philippines -Manila) Paraiso ng Batang Maynila, (Philippine Women University), Ninoy Aquino Monument along Bonifacio Drive (Technological University of the Philippines-Manila and some BKKB Volunteers) and the Plaza Dilao and Rajah Sulayman Park (Adamson University plus the rest of the BKKB Volunteers).

On behalf of W-CARP Philippines, Dr. Aldrin L. Nituma, National President, received a certificate of recognition as one of the activity partners of National Service Training Program (NSTP) and Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers (PSNEI) headed by their president, Dr. Florida C. Labuguen.

Among all government and non-government organizations, W- CARP is the only campus-based group that participated in the activities and projects that brought about good quality-impact to students in various universities in Metro Manila.

The 5th TUP NSTP Day with the theme of "NSTP Delivering as One: Achieving the TUP Goal in Helping to Improve the Community", is an expression of the NSTP partnership with the government organizations and non-government organizations.

World CARP Philippines in its continuous dedication in the field of service and development have been recognized during the 5th TUP NSTP Day last March 9, 2008 at Technological University of the Philippines (TUP Manila). 

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