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Filipino 2nd gen Isaac Nitro in US Swimming Tournament; garners 3 medals

Nathaniel Nitro
April 11-13, 2008
St. Petersburg, Florida

Isaac Nitro made it to Finals and brings in three medals.

Dear All,

I came back with my son Isaac after our trip to Florida. My son joined the Speedo National Swimming Competition sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club in USA. As part of the team - Clifton Seahawks of New Jersey, my son is nine (9) years old, but he was able to qualify into finals of the three events, which are 50 yards Butterfly (Boys 10 years and under), 100 yards Butterfly, and 100 yards Breast strokes.

My reflection during the competition was that, we as Blessed Central Families, must step by step dominate this kind of activities, which I can consider Abel-type in our communities. Most of the people we can meet in this kind of activity are also Abel-type people.

Our goal is to bring peace and influence our community. Let us work with our 2nd generation in doing so... Aju.

Although I'm proud of my son, I humble down to God and True Parents for I can't offer the best.


Nathaniel Nitro

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