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Tong-Il Moo Do Black-Belts Meet Grand Master Dr. Seuk

Nathaniel Nitro
February 5, 2007

It was a cold day, 15 Tong-Il Moo Do black-belts , from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Florida, gathered at the office of Tong-Il Moo Do in Ossining, New York to meet Grand Master Dr. Joon Ho Seuk.

Grand Master talked about the upcoming plan for the 4th World King Peace Cup Tournament that will be held on October 5, right after the celebration of the 20th Foundation day of the Nation of the Unified World (20th Kae Cheon Jeol) in South Korea. In connection with the commemoration of True Father's 88th Birthday, and the 4th Anniversary of the Founding of IIPC, we are going to have a grand Martial Arts tournament in a world wide level.

Grand Master Dr. Seuk spoke about how Tong Il Moo Do is very much in line with the providential period of building Cheon Il Guk, using martial arts as a tool in order to bring people, unite people, and break down all boundaries to all denomination.

With this in mind, I came to think that if religion is a problem in inviting people, we can invite them through martial arts, wherein we can still talk about God even if we are literally fighting each other, using our own technique during free sparring, after the fight whether the result is win or lose we bow to each other, and shake hands to congratulate each other for a good fight. I think this is how we can create peace and where true love, and living for the sake of other can take place.

USA Tong-il Moo do has a goal to bring at least 21 black-belts to participate in the said event, but Grand Master said we can send up to 210 participants!

With this task at hand we as Tong Il Moo Do black-belts showed our determination in taking ownership by first creating Financial Committee composed of four Filipino Black-belts namely: Rev. Greg Agulan, Rev. Nathaniel Nitro, and Rev. Edward Busque (all graduates from UTS) and Black-belt Bobby Paquit to head the financial Committee in order to raise fund for the said event.

After the meeting we watched the video of 3rd International Tournament held last November 2006 in Philippines followed by a dinner with the Grand Master wherein we shared our experiences and the development of Tong-il Moo do Instructor Luis Carreno of Florida showed to Grand Master his victory wherein he was covered in a newspaper of Fort Lauderdale, FA. Grand Master was so delighted to hear and even asked Shota (President of USA Tong-il Moo do) to read the whole article for everybody.

Master Isagani shared his victory in working with the city council to initiate a service project and to have the opportunity to have a demonstration in public parks in Red Hook, New York. Now they have 31 students.

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