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Shall we...clean up? - 1 Million Family Volunteer Service Report

Rose Ninomiya
November 6, 2008

1 Million Family Volunteer Report from FJMGP-Kagoshima

November 6, 2008 was a cloudy day at it rained a bit here in Kagoshima, but the gloomy weather didn't stop me from going to the area to clean up, it is the dance studio named Casa Danza where I'm also having my Hula lessons every Wednesday. The male owner of the studio was very happy to allow me do this kind of project in there as I explained to him beforehand and as he was already fully convinced that I'm somewhat a very special dance instructress whom he could trust the facility and was given a spare key, now he's more amazed than usual. He wasn't around during the clean-up as he's busy w/ his other businesses, He's also owner of gift and book shops with 5 branches here in Kagoshima.

The dance studio is offering various dance lessons and is mostly used at night after school and office hours. So, the owner doesn't mind cleaning it very well as dirt is not visible during night time. But, I use and only have my lessons and rehearsals during daytime so I could see those dusts piling up in the corners. So, I'm motivated to take care of this nice facility.

I was expecting others to join me but were not able to make it. So, I started alone from 12:00 noon with my short prayer and played the GPF theme song on the background. I hung at the studio's windowpane the small FJMGP banner (with GPF logo) I made. I was hoping to finish cleaning up until 4:00 pm. Few minutes past 2:00pm, my Japanese friend and my former co-teacher of English at the Kagoshima Board of Education named Reiko Sakai-san came. Reiko is also my Hula student from another studio, but she willingly helped me out despite her very busy schedules. She rushed in right after her job in the morning and she even brought hot tea drinks and snacks for us to munch during breaks.

As we are totally engrossed with our areas and hoping to catch the time limit, we forgot to take pictures while cleaning. We however finished in time all the designated areas we wanted to clean and we're able to grab a passersby to take some snapshots for us outside the studio.

The newly cleaned up studio was so bright, sparkling and so inviting that we couldn't resist the feeling of be the first ones to use it. I'm sure you know how it feels to be wanting to stay in a clean place. And since we had a little more time, we did the Billy's Boot Camp Video exercises and with our Hawaiian skirts on this time, we further expressed our passion for Hula and did few steps together.

Finally, this clean up service activity for others is a very wonderful and nice experience one could join and offer for the development of heart, spirit, relationship and environment. Doing it also serves as a very good condition to participate at the GPF main event. So, together, the next time around...shall we we clean up? 

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