The Words of the Newman Family


Barbara Newman
March 1970

Barbara Newman

Dear Family,

I was born in New York City, but spent most of my early years in Pakistan. I returned to the U. S. when I was about six; I felt somehow that I didn't fit. I had the same feeling all my life until I came into Principle, where my heart finally found an invisible home. What I was looking for was not necessarily a country, but a realm where I could rest. That realm, I can see now, is Father's love, and my home is anywhere.

My dear Family, my True Parents, you are invisible to me now, but your love here in New York makes it my home. I so love the whole world, and am grateful that I will have a home wherever I go. It is impossible to thank you for what you have given me; you have given me life. How can I repay the sun?

I send my deepest love, in Their Names,

Your daughter and sister,

Barbara Newman 

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