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Conference in Chad on Need for Vision and Leadership

Ndilbaye Nekar
November 13, 2010
Secretary General, UPF-Chad

N'djamena, Chad -- A conference was organized for Ambassadors for Peace in Chad on November 13 at the Ecole Normale d'Administration et de Magistrature in N'djamena.

At the end of September, a delegation of ten Ambassadors for Peace from Chad had attended the UPF Sub–regional Conference in Cameroon. Returning to Chad, they felt the need to invite Rev. Futila di Mayeko, Secretary General of UPF-Central Africa, to come to Chad and give the same presentations.

Inviting a speaker from another country to explain about UPF and its aims helped skeptics understand and support UPF. Even those who were already connected with UPF appreciated this event.

The schedule included opportunities for Rev. Futila to meet several distinguished officials and exchange points of view with them. These included the First General Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Dounia Sadjima; the Minister of Telecommunication and former Prime Minister, Jean Bawoyeu Alingue; former President of Chad, Lol Mahamat Choua; and the Prime Minister, Emmanuel Nadingar.

Rev. Futila was accompanied on these visits by the Minister of Justice and President of UPF-Chad; Mbailaou Naimbaye Lossimian; the former Governor of Logone Oriental, Ganda Mayoumbila; and Secretary General of UPF-Chad, Ndilmbaye Nekar.

The theme of the conference was the Need for Vision and Leadership in Central Africa during a Time of Global Crisis. Presentations included an Introduction to UPF, the Root of Conflicts, and Principles of Conflict Resolution.

There were more than 120 participants, including parliamentarians, journalists, scholars, politicians, and religious leaders.

The conference started with the national anthem and a song of peace by the Family Federation Choir of children from 5 to 12 years old. The presentations were well received. One of the journalists who participated in the conference admitted his previous misunderstanding and ignorance about UPF and its founder and asked to be appointed an Ambassador for Peace. At the end of the conference, certificates were presented to 26 new Ambassadors for Peace and 15 Young Ambassadors for Peace.

Before leaving the country, Rev. Futila gave an interview to a newspaper in Ndjamena: Bi Hebdo. 

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