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It Saddens Me Deeply How Our Church Is Divided

Joseph Navalta
December 17, 2009

Greetings of Peace.

It saddens me deeply how our church is now divided as it is. It would take a lot to restore things back as we wish after all that has been said and done. I believe the Juan de la Cruz letter was written for one purpose and that is make leaders in Tanay attend Hyun jin nim's Hoon Dok Hae in the Manila Hotel. Why is it so important to listen to Hyun Jin nim directly? If the direction comes from God, I would be the most excited and I won't miss the opportunity for anything else in the world.

Everybody knows and even saw my commitment to the many GPF's we organized in the Philippines. I have sacrificed like everybody for its success. This is because I believed that GPF is one of the most powerful and effective strategies to realize Cheon Il Guk. But then, the most important strategy of all is internal and heartistic unity to the Central Figure.

We might have the best idea, we might have the best resources, we might have the most capable and charismatic leaders but if is not aligned... it is likened to an overgrown branch that has been severed from the root that gives it its life. It can not continue to grow and though the process will go slowly it will eventually cease to live. This is the truth about vertical alignment that we often hear everybody saying these days.

The invisible God needs to be visible through a central figure. A real person in substance. This we all recognize as our True Father. We can't be aligned just with True Father's idea or of our interpretation of the direction of God's providence. If so then what is the now difference between us and the 4th Adam group and the Nakayama group who claims they have the right understanding of the direction of God's will and providence. It should be the person and that is True Father. This is where we separate the truth from the false. Then, since True Father can't be present in substance to all of us, he appointed leaders so that we can connect to him wherever we are in the world and whatever our mission and level might be. If our leader is not the kind we want and expect, still he or she is our connection to the vertical alignment to God. This is my understanding of Divine Principle. If I am wrong someone please enlighten me. I am always ready and willing to listen to learn the truth.

This is the very reason we followed Dr. Yong's direction. If True Father gives direction even if it runs contrary to my best judgment, I have to cut or divide myself so that I can give up part of me even if it is bigger part of me. This is why all Central Figures of God throughout history have to make an offering even at the risk of their lives and no matter how unpopular so that they could make the condition to separate from Satan.

My decision was not because I hate anything on the side of the Manila Hotel Group. I cut myself giving up my longing and desire to attend GPC (Global Peace Conference) so that I can see, hear and feel Hyun Jin in person It was an unpopular choice especially to those who don't truly know and understand the real story. I am now branded as an anti-nationalist and worse as a betrayer of Hyun Jin and an enemy of peace. My conscience is clear though feel sorry that I hurt some people's feelings. It was plain and simple why I was in Tanay. I followed True Father's direction.

That's is why I take offense at the insinuation that I was showing false loyalty to Continental Director to keep my position. All the other leaders were likewise so offended when Juan dela Cruz wrote that we stayed in Tanay out of fear of losing our allowances. Even saying how miserably small is our allowances. I didn't join the church to become a leader. I joined because of the urgent call to help True Parents build the Kingdom of Heaven. I have spent 25 of the best and youthful years of my life for the church in dedication to God and True Parents because I believe in Divine Principle and True Parents. I didn't receive any allowance when I first became a leader neither did I asked it from Dr. Yong as a favor in exchange of my dedication. I am sorry if I fail to convince you that I love God and True Parents more than my allowance but that is what is inside me. I have many confirmations from God throughout my life of faith that Divine Principle and True Parents are true. Why can't you accept and respect the fact that it was a matured decision to follow Continental Director and True Parents and not out of fear of losing position and allowance.

Dr. Yong did not say that we will remove all those who went to the GPC. He knows that they were there because of Hyun Jin and the call of Mike, National Leader. He leaves that decision to the local leaders. What he really wanted to hear from them is why they decided to disobey True Parents direct orders not to attend and not to associate with Hyun Jin and GPC.

He made many efforts to reach out to the people in GPC especially to Mike Zablan, not to take him out of GPC but to let him speak his mind and heart why he broke his own pledge and became a multiplier of hate to everybody towards Dr. Yong. Since when was it ok to criticize the Continental Director? Mike has to be careful with his accusations of Continental Director because many people both inside the church and outside take everything he says as true even if it is not. Tanay is an open venue for any member to go. We don't have anything to hide.

Why is it so important to attend Hyun jin nim's Hoon Dok Hae. You said that we could listen to his heart directly. Being the charismatic person that he is, the powerful speaker that we all know and most importantly being the son of True Parents. We don't stand the chance to question what he is going to say to us. But if indeed, the GPC was a success without me and the other leaders why does he need us to attend to celebrate his victory. Why did GPC use the VIPs who are not church members to call all the key leaders of the church. We don't need to be convinced by VIPs to attend Hoon Dok Hae with Hyun jin nim

As GPC celebrated its victory and made plans for bigger GPC's in the future, You are all very happy. Congratulations. But why are there people who are not as happy like me. You declared your victory at the expense of destroying the image not only of Dr. Yong but of the position of Continental Director in our movement.

You have declared victory amidst the horrible and serious division in our church, You have proclaimed your success with all the resentments and hatred of the VIPs towards those who aligned with the Continental Director in Tanay.. And most of all. you have shouted your manseis with jubilation and excitement but what about True Parents, are they just as happy as Hyun jin nim about GPC in the Philippines? Or the opposite is true? I am also asking because I need a confirmation about this.

I hope that he could be just as jubilant and excited as you are because if he is not, then we should realize something very important. At 90 years of age, he should be resting and deserves only our attendance and alignment before he goes to the spirit world.

I sincerely hope and pray with all my heart that what when Hyun jin nim speaks about his father to members, often in tears, is really an attempt to absolutely attend and align himself to his father to comfort and make True Parents happy as a true son of filial piety, and not the other way around by using True Parents foundations to align with his own providence.

May God show mercy on our country and spare it from the curses of division, distrust and hate. May God protect our foundations from collapsing and our brothers and sisters faith who are most affected by this confusion.

May God forgive us all.

Sincerely yours IMN,
Joseph Navalta 

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