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Sunday Service Message on GPF

Joseph Navalta
November 18, 2007

How do we realize Ideal World or what is our dream for Ideal World by year 2012? There are activities and events that are leading to it. Global Peace Festival is the event that creates condition for that.

How do you see the importants of Global Peace Festival? What is in your mind? Do you see the importance? Someone sees it as big event -- an exciting event -- full of celebrities. Someone is inspired about Pops Fernandez and Jay-R and other celebrities as they are coming to join and sing without charge.

For some people, they think and see the Global Peace Festival as exciting because there will be a lot of cultural presentations, the group of Dinagyang who won the Global Festival at Europe is coming to perform sponsored by the City Mayor of Iloilo.

For some people, they are inspired seeing fire works that will be all over the sky, and it will not just last for second but for 1 min. Is that what we think of Global Peace Festival?

All of the things we mentioned are in the program. CONFIRM! In the event, there will be more to make it exciting as the days go by in our preparation. However, if we donít understand the significance of the Global Peace Festival, then after the event it will all just be finished.

As Father said "there is a difference between a living fish and dead fish. The living fish can swim against the stream of water flow but the dead fish canít" Whether we live like that depends on how clear we are in with what we do and what is our purpose in doing it.

The reason for Global Peace Festival arose from the Philippines when our elder brother Hyun Jin Nim was inspired with the important people who are associated and are happily support the movement. He saw the foundation that we have and recognized it and he wants to elevate it to the next level.

Can you imagine what 2,000,000 people are in 2008? This Global Peace Festival in December 12, 2007 supposed to be a dry run to test and prepare for 2008 but it turned to be realÖ.Global Peace Festival for 2007!!

Father is not a religious founder, we joined the Unification Movement, but we are not another church. Global Peace Festival is not the Unification MovementĎs activity. We have to inspire people about the vision that we teach, what we have in the Unification Movement. Divine Principle is not only for our church!. It is a universal principle that has no concept of YOURS -- MINE but it is OURS.

True Father did not come to the world to create another religion, Global Peace Festival can promote the idea that we are universal and we want to promote Divine Principle not just for the members of the Unification Movement.

When we speak about Global Peace Festival, there are 2 components.

Cultural Component Service Component

Cultural component that is aligned with the motto "One Family under GOD!" this is not just a beautiful motto but to Hyun Jin Nim, it is "GOD'S DREAM". So please letís align our heart to Hyun Jin Nim and to that GodĎs Dream.

Service Component, it is inspired and guided by our principle of living for the sake of others, to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations.

GPF has to promote the concept of living for the sake of others. We have to make this GPF relevant to the society so that the people and the leaders of our country can restore our nation.

Our movement can provide mission, vision, ideology. There are 2 kinds of soldiers in the war. One who knows what we are fighting for, he knows why he has to do something even if he will be shot and killed. These soldiers understand the worth of it. They understand the purpose, the risk to be taken, even the cost to be paid, but nevertheless, we will still be marching forward and that is what we call true courage. Thatís why True Father calls us Heavenly Soldiers"

GPF is about my spiritual foundation, how I am going forward or how I am not growing. How many Barangay Captains, how many people will I bring to GPF.

When we start shouting Mansei Cheers, there are people who felt happier than others. We should prepare ourselves, and use this opportunity to develop spiritually. Our projects are not for God, they are all for us. Projects come and go, and nothing will be different.

We should step after the event as a different spiritual person. We are doing this for the country, and more so it is for us to grow and develop. The opportunity of this big event is the great chance to learn new experiences and to climb up and expand our heart.

If we will be an observer of GPF 2007, then it will be a similar thing when we do GPF 2008. It is you who determine how you can come back to God or not. Long time ago, when our movement in the Philippines was so small, Rev. Kwak asked our members, "What is the most important mission?"

Someone answered fundraising, witnessing, lecturing, and etc. Then Rev. Kwak said that the real and most important mission is your own restoration. We should come back to God and be close to Him. The many activities we do, are the process for man to build a foundation to restore ourselves and our family. Be proud of yourselves, we have so much to be proud of when we look at how our hearts is growing and how much we grow as a person.

Along the time that we prepare for Global Peace Festival, with all the big dreams and hopes in our hearts, there is a lot of disturbing news that we receive everyday. For example ZTE where millions of dollars are involved, bribery and corruption, bombing, incidents, calamities. The image that our media and news expressed is of the dark side of our future, and gives the same idea to people in the world.

We should not just be entering the changes of time without doing anything to lift up and adjust to the changing times. We cannot just suddenly step on to the new realm without any effort.

Imagine 250,000 people at Quirino Grandstand, HJN speaks powerfully. What should we feel at that moment? How much can we relate? What is it to me? This is our challenge. Be courageous in taking on the inconvenience and risks involved.

Think of how humble we had started the movement and now we are talking about so many great things. How much we have moved from then. This is a great move that we have laid together.

This is not our event, it is Godís event. If this event would be successful, then we contribute to Godís success. When we make preparation, many of the things happen without our plan. For example, on the media side, when we discuss with Dr. Salvador, and he thought of Human Rainbow organized by Ms. Lionnao, who is close to Dr. Salvador. She is a director of Philippine Information Agency and she is connected to many other organizations.

When we discuss about GPF with people in the Media, she understood that it was very good. The next meeting she has already prepared for all media government channels and other radio networks, a press conference, Poster and Banner. However we are so scared that it will cost us so much. Dr. Salvador told her that GPF has no budget, so she understood and with her respect to Dr. Salvador, she offered her service for free.

Pops Fernandez birthday also falls on December 12, and she is willing to do noble work. So she is very happy to sing for free along with Jay-R and Dina Bonnevie. We have their endorsement in the PR material and it will be announced to the radio networks all over the country.

We can really see how God is working and God want to see this GPF be successful. We cannot stop thinking about True Father who is striving to sacrifice his life in order to see this Godís dream. So let us all understand and dedicate ourselves for that reason.

God Bless!!!

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