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Hyun Jin Nim's Family Visited The BC Students

Veronica Musiol
March 2, 2007
International Blessed Children's School in Korea

On March 2nd, 2007 Hyun Jin Nim with his wife and 3 children visited the BC school and the dormitory. He gave a speech to the foreign BC students, and toured school and dormitory, and had dinner at the dormitory.

Last month, Hyun Jin Nim's son, Shin Joong Nim, graduated from the Western PREP. Course and entered a Korean middle school with western brothers and sisters.

The following is a essay written by Veronica Musiol.

Only a Reflection

The room's tension was like a string pulled tight between the North and the South. Soon Hyun Jin Nim was going to talk to all of his beloved second generation. It was going to be held in the so-called "Blue Room" which is only called blue because of the carpet. The rest of the room was painted white or with pale wall paper, six-foot mirrors, crystal chandlers and a most impressive the trimming that shaped the room in different shapes and designs. Maybe I'm giving a description this detailed because we waited a long bit. You see, in the Unification Church we have people so important that it's worth waiting for, so you come an hour earlier than early. While waiting we got the atmosphere ready by singing songs in Korean with umph, and listening to offerings given mostly by the Japanese students. Finally the moment arrived that Hun Jin Nim arrived. All of the Japanese and western students together clapped as one when Hun Jin Nim and his wife entered the room.

In the beginning Hyun Jin Nim sat with his wife on stage, each with a twinkle in their eye and love in their hearts as they looked to see the Japanese students perform first with hands on instruments and then with hearts in mouths. Afterward was the most influencing and important part it which was when Hung Jin Nim gave his heart felt speech.

He made sure to look into the faces of his opponents as he battled with his heart to see if he could enter theirs. He started off his speech by first asking us which language he should speak in, English or Korean. Almost all English no doubt yelled English while the Japanese yelled Korean!

Afterwards which he gave and important lesson telling us how this problem shouldn't exist, it was Satan who created a culture with barriers of race, religion, and languages. He ended up speaking in both in Korean and English, but the reason he wants us all to learn Korean, is so that people who learn Korean can really help this universe change into one.

Next one of the most interesting things he talked and kept coming back to was about nature, and God's creation. How the Mother bears in Alaska take care of their offspring by teaching, and the offspring through watching these teachings can soon be able to live independent doing exactly what their mother taught them.

Just as in the church they may call what we do brain washing but it's just teaching us how to live in a world full of Satan. Also he told us how about in the past people got matched at the young age of 12 and 15. Before the matching and blessing you are only half a person, you cannot become whole until you have your husband or wife by your side. I thought that was touching because his wife was right there and all, and my, she looked just like True Mother herself. Smiling when he made big arm movements as well as when he had everyone stand up to stretch their bodies, as he shouting "How big is your dream? This big?"

All an all every movement he made and word he said was for us. Hun Jin Nim did something great for us and I'm sure everyone's spirit in that room was alive as he put his heart on a sliver platter before us with his talk. I tried my best but no one could ever describe accurately the feelings and impressions of the moment, only a reflection. Thank you Hun Jin Nim!! Thank you True Parents for giving us such a son of God as Hun Jin Nim. He is taking his responsibility on and shooting his arrow on target.

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