The Words of the Murray Family

It's Time to Achieve Peace

Paul A. Murray
January 31, 2009
President, Vision Ministries International
Address to the World Summit on Peace
New York, USA

The world is looking for leadership to bring us out of the economic, political, and religious conflicts that are besieging us on every front. No one world leader can do this. No political mechanism can sustain this weight of such change, for our history is filled with the rise and fall of many kingdoms.

We have conflict and crisis within our homes, our communities, our nations, and around the world. Is there any hope? I believe with all of my heart that this is a time of great opportunity for all of humanity to move from conflict to resolution, from hatred to peace, from war to love. As a minister of the Gospel, and like the many faiths that are represented in this room, we each serve a loving God who cares and gives guidance, wisdom, and discernment to His people. It is with this knowledge and assurance that I confidently know that the vehicle that has been set before us this morning -- the Global Service Alliance -- has been birthed for such a time as this.

Each of you is here at this foundational level, and you have an opportunity to take this torch of hope, peace, and prosperity back to your countries and communities and emerge on the global stage as a unified alliance that will promote peace and build a global culture of service. This is how the global conflict based on morality can finally be eradicated.

We must recognize now that more than ever before a new paradigm of leadership must emerge to guide the world into peace.

It is during this time of global crisis.

It is within this time of confusion and dysfunction that the Global Service Alliance is positioned to ensure that the changes that are most important are brought to light with an understanding that no peace can come from one individual, but by each of us locking arm in arm, picking up shovels, serving on the food lines, distributing clothes and medical supplies. It is in doing all within our means and with our personal and professional resources that this great alliance can usher in a genuine realization of peace and prosperity for all of mankind.

It is our time to achieve peace.

It is our time to end poverty.

Together we will end the violence that has ravaged our families, our communities, nations, and world.

I have three simple questions to ask you:

Are you willing to stand up and be counted?

Are you willing to help us lead the way?

Are you willing to share your talents and resources that will make a global difference now and for generations to come?

This major task can only be accomplished by your help. Thank you for your time, sacrifices, and commitment to global peace and prosperity. God bless each of you. 

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