The Words of the Moyer Family

Concluding a Great Year of STF 2009-2010!

Tasnah Moyer
June 16, 2010

The first week of June ushered in the conclusion of the 2009-2010 year for Special Task Force (STF). After having been spread out across the country for several months, STF participants gathered for their final workshop together on June 2nd, at Camp Sunrise, located in upstate New York.

Camp Sunrise provided a beautiful environment for both reflection and fun. Guidance was given to participants each morning, while afternoons were spent swimming and rafting in canoes. Testimonies from participants also went late into the night. Overall, these first two days were spent looking back upon the year, recognizing accomplishments, as well as looking ahead towards our futures.

On the morning of Friday, June 4th, STF headed to New York City for the Commencement Gala, held at the Manhattan Center. After a morning of preparation, the ballroom's arrangement was breathtaking and everyone was itching to dance. During the Gala, Rev. In Jin Moon delivered a beautiful message to all graduates encouraging them to first turn to their parents in gratitude for all their love and investment. She expressed how she could see the future of our movement on the faces of the young people gathered. She concluded encouraging each graduate to be an agent of change and to live a life of excitement and discovery by combining internal and external excellence.

Ariana Moon followed with a ballroom demonstration together with her dance partner from Harvard Ballroom Dance Club. Next, representatives from the community who had been instructed by Ariana throughout their year of STF, performed a synchronized waltz routine choreographed by Ariana and her father. As the song ended, the dance floor filled with ladies in stunning dresses and dashing young men whirling around the dance floor as the music continued well into the night.

The STF Commencement Ceremony was held the following morning, June 5th, at the New Yorker Hotel's Crystal Ballroom. Friends and family gathered to celebrate the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. Roland Platt (STF Director), Heather Thalheimer (HSA USA Education Director), and Jaga Gavin (Lovin' Life Ministries National Youth Pastor) addressed the graduates inspiring them to take all that they had learned in the last one, two, or three years and eagerly anticipate what the future holds. Representatives from the graduating class: Roosevelt Ward, Jan Pearson, Daniel Heller, and Tasnah Moyer, then shared tear filled testimonies with everyone present.

Perhaps the most moving part of the Commencement followed shortly after. Each graduate received their diploma and then made their way through a line of core staff members who embraced each graduate, and showed them tears of gratitude. One couldn't deny that immense love and hope was at the center of every embrace, regardless of the challenges each had faced throughout the year together with victories. After each had taken their turn, everyone joined together to sing the touching song "I'll Never Leave You."

As final parting words, Rev. In Jin Moon's husband, on her behalf, encouraged and challenged graduates. He shared from his own college experience, prompting them to really strive for internal and external excellence in the years to come. The entire ceremony concluded in prayer and three resounding cheers of Mansei.

Tasnah Moyer
STF 2009-2010 graduate

STF (Special Task Force) is a one year educational program which is designed to help build character and leadership in young people through outreach, international service, workshops and more. Participants are primarily high school graduates who defer college enrollment for one year or take a gap year during their studies. The overall purpose of the program is to prepare young people to strive for internal and external excellence throughout their lives. 

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