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Tejas Trails: Seeking Interns for Summer 2010

Ken Morgan
April 29, 2010

If you want to contribute to something revolutionary, providential and fun, consider interning at Tejas Trails. A WIDE variety of activities and projects are underway there and participants stand to gain valuable skill sets, experience, memories and most importantly the internal fortune and satisfaction of having served the greater good.

About our Camp:

Tejas Trails is located in the Hill Country of central Texas (60 miles west of Austin). Its beautiful and big with spring fed creeks, hills, meadows, valleys, cliffs, archeological sites, a small cave, waterfall and plant, mineral and animal life in abundance. Our vision is to offer within this natural sanctuary a full spectrum of life tools including:

practical and vocational education, creative art skills, spiritual and family values, real relationships, entertainment, sports and adventure. To learn more of what we're doing please see our website at: and at


From May 1st 2010 on. (Open schedule).


Participants should be healthy, responsible, harmonious, wholesome and adventurous or striving to become so.

What You'll Do, Learn and Experience:

Over 40 construction projects are "in process". You'll have a chance to learn and actualize broadly.

Manual Activities:

Depending on your physical status, interests and experience; you'll do a combination of the following:

basic carpentry, masonry, tile work, electrical, plumbing, painting, herb and vegetable gardening, fruit and vegetable dehydration, weeding, orcharding, furniture making, and tool/materials maintenance and organization. Use heavy equipment i.e.:

tractor, dump truck, chain saw and saw mill (milling of logs into lumber). Welding, torch work (metal cutting), soldering, fence building, grounds maintenance, stone and gravel path development, tree and brush clearing.

Intellectual and Artistic Stuff we do:

Website maintenance, sign and mural painting, making picture frames, development of pottery shop, wood carving, research indigenous herbs/medicinals, working ebay store, audio/visual, video, music recording, online research for Tejas publications especially a book, "All about Tejas" detailing the natural resources, local indigenous and western culture and history of central Texas, retail crafts creation (pottery, wood, herb, native dyes etc), advertising, bookkeeping, and attend District 9 Summer Camp! (Optional).

Daily Schedule:

7 AM rise. HDH, work/learn/experience 6-8 hours interspersed by three meals plus breaks and occasional outings. Midnight; lights out. Sunday, day of rest, renewal and LLM.


I ask that you contribute $200.00 a month for food, utilities, excursions, entertainment and treats (but if you cannot, call me anyway.)

How to Apply:

Simply contact my wife Anne-Marie or me, Ken to get an application.

Ken Morgan 

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