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Internship Opportunity at Tejas Trails Family Camp

Ken Morgan
November 7, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

My name is Ken Morgan and for a couple of years we have been developing a family camp, called Tejas Trails at our ranch in the Hill Country of central Texas. (Here's a brochure about it.) A lot has been done to enhance it, but most of what we have is God given: a beauteous expanse of 200 acres with 1½ miles of spring-fed, cliff bounded, fossil studded creeks, with the main one dammed up by the camp providing a10 feet deep and 80 feet wide body of water (at the widest) for swimming, fishing etc. There are 2 rugged hills, archeological sites, arrowhead grounds, a large plateau with 360 degree and 10 mile vistas, a small cave, two waterfalls (periodic flow), two hay fields, two fallow fields, and an incredibly rich and diverse spectrum of plants, mineral and animal life.

The Beginning:

Several years ago we invited a church group (not our own) out to camp, fish and swim. Our experience was profoundly inspiring. From that time I felt that God desired us to develop the ranch so that its life giving abundance could be shared with greater numbers of people. “Tejas Trails” was born in that moment.

Thus far we’ve completed a 3600 sq ft Main Hall including a full kitchen and 6 other auxiliary rooms. We have six very neat cabins overlooking the creek, a bathhouse, a big dorm with twelve rooms (beds and/or mattresses in cabins and dorm #4) and two large bathrooms (14 showers, 13 sinks, 13 toilets), areas for soccer, volley ball, all ball, etc., three barns under renovation, two houses, several out-buildings, a bunkhouse and a Spartan trailer house. The Camp’s capacity is about 200 people. We have a large vision for its development, which is gradually being realized.

List of What We’re Currently Building, Planning or Renovating:

1. Music Recording Studio. Design done, 50% of materials bought. Start date: Nov. 9.

2. Zip lines for “tree flying”. Have some of the materials and basic design idea.

3. Repelling site for climbing. Easy.

4. Park-like area by creek, ¼ mile with trails, clearings, tent sites, fishing holes, benches and a tree swing or two. Mostly done.

5. Art, General Crafts, Pottery and finish work “factory”. Installing in an existing three room enclosed barn, allowing separation of activity sites. Great area with lots done and lots more to do.

6. Harvesting of large cedar trees for use in construction and the clearing of pesky invasive 2nd growth cedar. On going chainsaw work.

7. Clearing of briars, nettles, grapevines, cedar etc. where impacting public areas.

8. Basketball Court, Baseball field. Planning stage.

9. Archery Range, Paintball, BB Gun Range. Have some guns. Easy.

10. Restoration of a very cool old circular flagstone and cement “swimming pool” which is supplied by a windmill. Both well and pool in process.

11. Orchard and Vegetable farming. Planning stage.

12. Vegetable and fruit dehydration and product development. Planning stage.

13. Development of small cave, which might have undisclosed additional rooms. Cave is waiting for the right explorers.

14. Map making detailing topography, plant-life, fish and wildlife at the camp, insects, rock and fossil identification, bird identification. Some models done.

15. Geological info including types of stone, strata revealed in cliffs, types of soil, clays, mineral resources. Have material. Needs work.

16. Portable Lumber Mill: Can cut trees up to 36” in girth. Am not felling live trees but using the limitless native hardwoods that die by attrition or weather. Have begun to cut.

17. Wood Shop: Full range of woodworking tools for most any project large or small. Under renovation. Production area being set up.

18. Metal Shop: Basic shop with welding, torching, metal cutting and fabrication. Have many of the tools. Shop is ¾ done.

19. Aeration and general maintenance of fields for hay and other crop production. Use of tractor, implements and some hand grubbing.

20. Herbal resource identification. Resource material and on site photos collected.

21. Planting of Lavender and Rosemary which grow very well locally. One site chosen. Awaiting input from county sponsored master gardener. Do in spring.

22. Planting of Cyprus trees along the creek plus others (75 years ago all local Cyprus were harvested by a shingle company). Should be planted within next month.

23. Install an arrowhead “shaker”, (large ¾” mesh screen for sifting dirt when digging for arrowheads). There are several spots on the ranch where arrowheads are found. Have shaker. Needs modification. Sites identified.

24. Install irrigation in two areas, one an orchard and berry vine location, and the other for mixed vegetables. Some pipe is in. Water source ready. Much to be done.

25. Construction of a wood kiln for the drying of cut lumber. Have design, some materials.

26. Construction of additional metal buildings/sheds for the staging and storage of materials (wood, stone and metal). Have most materials. Need manpower!

27. Construction of a bridge over our creek to insure continuous accessibility to the Camp. Planning.

28. Improvement of acoustics in the main hall. Install rug and acoustic blow-on material to front 1/3 or hall. (Source of most sound).

29. Construction of a large porch on one side of the main hall for outside dining and socializing. Have some of the materials.

30. Creation of many signs and markers including for nature trail identification. Planning. Have materials.

31. Extensive landscaping. Lots to do still. Use of tractor, dump truck and hand tools. Have all.

32. Construction of a Spa. Planning.

33. Website development. Have site and lots of components. Need time.

34. Creation of a general natural resource book specific to Tejas Trails and several targeted booklets detailing the wonders of creation at the camp. Have some draft parts, many pictures, and general layout.

35. Production of retail products showcasing the indigenous creation and articles of cultural and/or spiritual relevance. Some models made. Plans and drawings begun.

36. Making various paths, porches, gazebo, benches and outdoor venue patio style environments. Have begun.

37. Harvesting and placing of very large stones (plenty available) along roads, around the main hall, by the creek side etc. Some in place. Others waiting on us.

38. Harvesting of abundant flat building stones for use in construction. Ongoing.

39. Painting and decoration of facilities. Such as existing murals, window boxes, interior décor.

40. Construction of one or two small dam(s). Planning. Not a confirmed project.

There is much more but that will give you an idea. I know in my heart that this is something very wonderful and am looking for others who share this vision.

Description of Activities and Realities at Tejas Trails

This is a physically robust project but a resilient, persevering, creative and grateful mindset is more important than physical strength or experience. There really is no gender or age restrictions though young and strong is ideal. I don’t expect any one person to be able to do it all, but I suggest that anyone interested have ample desire and excitement and not just the willingness to go along with the program. Anyone who invests truly will learn a multitude of skill sets, grow as a person while contributing to the greater good. Happiness should follow. Of course you need to be a responsible, wholesome and harmonious team player as well.

What about the money, benefits, perks?

Perks and benefits are plenteous, money is adequate -- potentially significant. Cash flow is not great but am working hard on it. I am not offering fixed jobs at this point, but an organic internship-style arrangement. It can be what you make of it. It could become a job, even a career; depending on you. Room, board, meals, and some stipend or productivity based pay will be provided. As we make money as a team, we will all benefit on a per-investment basis. If a person has many constructive skill sets, is highly motivated and makes it happen, I will be more than happy to pay them accordingly, but each person will naturally be at their own productive level, developmental pace and resultant scale of compensation. You will in any event, live in a lovely and peaceful environment as a part of a happy and public family while contributing to the building of heavenly culture and acquire many valuable skills, habits and attitudes that can only enhance your eternal future. You’ll go with us on trips to Austin etc, and do whatever fun stuff we, our kids and church community do. You’ll have some autonomy and adequate free time, but basically will be expected to keep our schedule and standards (is not tough), participating in HDH, church etc. You’ll likely stay part time in our home in Fredericksburg and part time at the ranch/camp 27 miles down the road. Above all, we will treat you with respect and love; everyone the same.

How to Be Involved:

Submit your resume or at least a 1-2 page expression of who you are with references and who you want to be (with contact info) via email to me, Ken Morgan at I’ll call you afterward to discuss things. If deemed a good thing, there will likely be a formal agreement to process.

Look forward to talking with you. Have a great day.

Ken Morgan 

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