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"It's Your Time To Make A Stand" - Minister Ethel Hayes Speaks In Austin, Texas

Laura Lea, Ken, and Anne-Marie Morgan
October 13, 2007

Host: Greater St. John Baptist Church
Pastor: Clarence Jones First Lady: Sister Brenda Jones
Speaker: Minister: Ethel Hayes of Gloryland Missionary Baptist Church
Scripture: Esther 4:14"...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

Minister Ethel Hayes truly blessed Austin Texas with her visit along with five Ministers from Gloryland Baptist and granddaughter Camri.

Wonderful entertainment was provided by Minister Glover, Minister Pam, granddaughter Camri, Pastor Jones and Deacon Anderson, Lola Somimoto and Frank Davis. After entertainment, the ACLC Statement of Purpose was read by Frank Davis and Ken offered welcoming remarks and a perspective on the value and position that ACLC holds within American Christianity.

Anne-Marie Morgan introduced Sister Hayes, who opened with prayer and spoke with eloquence and a rich heart on the subject of being true to oneís faith. Her talk, "Itís Your Time to Make A Stand" was supported scripturally by Esther 4:14 "...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" and by her own wealth of life experience.

Sister Hayes wove these thoughts together to let Austin know that "you too might have been or soon may be "called" to make a stand in faith. Sister Hayes reflected how the comforts, perks and buffers of the corporate world are fleeting trifles, but the will of God remains forever, and in the meantime, He will provide for your "daily bread".

From the scripture reading, we find that Estherís heart was pleasing to God. She had no foundation or prestige and yet her pure and filial heart shaped her quite, simple and unnoticed life into the key instrument which God could use in those times, to liberate the Jewish people from the bondage of Persia. Esther made a difference through her stand of absolute faith, and likewise each of us may at any time be in the same position. The question is, what will be our response?

Inspiration, testimony and announcements were shared by Phyllis Clair (very inspired) of the Travis County Sheriff Dept., Lola Somemoto of Dallas Family Church, Elder Fenimore Johnson of Garden of Prayer in Austin, Mrs. Sun Russell (Korean) of New Life Pentecostal in Austin, Deacon Anderson of Greater St. John, and MaryAnn Davis.

You could sense that though everyone has an agenda, and that we all came to meeting with priorities, but Sister Hayes message was clear, the stand of faith that God calls us to make, is rarely on manís agenda.

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