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Recruitment for Staff members [For 40-Day Workshop for 2nd Generations]

In Pyo Moon
May 3, 2007

From July 4 to August 12, here in Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center, we are holding the 40-Day Workshop for 2nd Generations.

In holding such an important workshop we are recruiting staff members who will act as a leader throughout the Workshop. We need as many staff members as we can possibly recruit.

If you are interested in helping to make a wonderful workshop, please read the information below for further details:

Qualifications for Staff Member

Preferred: 2nd Generation

Age: 19 years and over who have graduated from high school

Experience: Those who have participated in Chung Pyung 40-Day Workshop more than once

Members coming to Korea from abroad must be sure to purchase traveler's insurance and get a C3 visa, or secure their visa situation where applicable, before coming to the workshop. The Training Center cannot acquire or extend visas for you. If your visa expires, the immigration office will charge you a penalty of $100.US and put you on a black list.


Proper standard of Life of Faith
Please fill out the attached form and return it
You will be expected to fully participate in the 40-Workshop.

If you are interested, please send us by e-mail, self introduction, a photo graph and the application forms (same as above)

(The self introduction should cover the following: Name, Age, Address, Telephone Number, Experiences in Chung Pyung Workshop, Reason why you want to help as a staff)

When you are selected as a Staff Member you will receive the same amount of grace as a normal 40-Day Workshop trainee. You will be registered as a 40-Day Workshop participant. You will receive a certificate when you complete the full 40-Day workshop.

The Training Center will pay your entire workshop fee.

For more Information please contact the person in charge: In-pyo Moon: (Korean or English)

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