The Words of the Mondesir Family

Seung Hwa Ceremony For Our Dear Brother Serge Mondesir In Tennessee

November 22, 2006

Our brother Serge Mondesir passed November 21st in the morning at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

His Seung Hwa Ceremony will be held at 3pm on Friday November 24, 2006 at:

Lewis Wright Funeral Home
2500 Clarksville Hwy
Nashville TN 37208

Flowers should be sent to Lewis Wright Funeral Home before 1:00pm

Cards and Gifts should be sent to:

Solanlly Mondesir
5421 Country Dr.
Nashville , TN 37211
Please make checks out to Solanlly Mondesir

Serge was born in Haiti in Jan. 20, 1967 where he grew up in the Catholic faith. He worked at a Japanese Trading Company in Haiti after graduation and could speak 5 languages.

He joined the UC in Haiti in 1990 and worked with brothers and sisters for several years giving DP lectures to many VIPs and guests in Haiti. He became a national leader of Haiti.

On arrival to the US he joined MFT for a few years before being matched and blessed with his spouse, Solanlly from Costa Rica on August 25, 1997. They started their family and have 2 beautiful daughters, Michaela (7) and Camilla (2). He loved his family so much.

He got a Master Degree at Tennessee State University last year and has been employed by the Tennessee Government since. He worked harder than others at his job and his boss and co-workers loved and trusted him.

In Tennessee he has been working with the Haitian Churches in Nashville for several years. Haitian Pastors and brothers and sisters respected and loved him. He was asked to give a Sermon and DP lectures in their Sunday Schools in their own native language (Creole).

Especially, he had strong concern in youth education with Divine Principle. Our 2nd Gen. liked his DP lecture.

He always shared God's words with whoever was around him directly and indirectly. He served anybody all the time. That's why many people loved him because of his love and sweet heart. He repaired Nashville Church a lot. He practiced Love in action.

He discovered that he had liver cancer in September and began Chemo therapy until he started to have a negative reaction. He was in the hospital for a while but came back home last weekend. This morning he started his new life in the sprit world and his mission after being released from his body pain. He lived on earth for 39 years.

I believe that he will work hard as a lecturer and educator and Ambassador for Peace with Heung Jin Nim, Tae Mo Nim and Jesus for His Kingdom.

We love you Serge.

God bless your family!

Rev. Yukihiro Saito,
TN State Leader

Rev. Michael Lamson
District Director

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