The Words of the Miyamura Family

Reflection on STF Witnessing

Yoshimi Miyamura, Henrik Weber, Jeanne Ijsenburk, Jason O'Connell, Karin Campman, Amadeus Nunes, and Jin Beutl
June 23, 2010

Yoshimi Miyamura

"I was looking forward to witnessing as a very good way to strengthen your faith. We were born with this faith and trying to teach it to others is the best way to take ownership over your own faith. It is not always easy to share your beliefs, but I've learned to be more confident. I've also become more grateful to be here and to have the chance to do something for God and True Parents."

Henrik Weber

"This one month of witnessing in Albania was really short, but still a really good experience for me. After being here for one month I can honestly say that I love this country and the people and I can't wait to go back. On the first day of witnessing I met a girl who was somehow spiritually prepared. She had a dream 2 weeks before I met her and her whole life she was looking for the truth and desperate because she couldn't find it. She was so happy every time she was in the center and I could feel deeply that God was happy too. I guess usually you are the one trying to inspire and motivate people, but in this case this girl always gave me so much inspiration and happiness. I was really forced to take responsibility and invest from the beginning. I knew that I couldn't do it alone. So I needed to trust God and I came to the point where I knew that he is helping me all the time. This feeling was so moving for me and made me cry a lot. I'll try to remember this experience my whole life."

Jeanne Ijsenburk

"During this last condition I feel like I could grow and improve myself. I used to block people from seeing my emotions. However, after I allowed others to see the real me I definitely felt God's loving heart and could see how God could work through different people to guide my growth. At the start our team struggled a lot to relate to each other and accept our differences. I feel now that I could learn a lot from each character and learn from many of their experiences. I realize growth is up to yourself, but you can learn from others along the way. I am really grateful for this realization. Overall I really believe I could have a breakthrough on a personal level and I could begin to feel the heart of God through living things and beings."

Jason O'Connell

"Through my witnessing time I've had real moments of joy through talking to the people about faith, different perspectives and views. I feel that although we do hold a lot of truth, I can gain so much from hearing other people's beliefs. I realized my own true desires to help others to live lives filled with more happiness, through introducing the messiah but also just by being a good person to them. I'm starting to feel for myself, much more, the strength of living life for others, through having a few strong experiences of really bringing out the best in me. I really want to do this above all other things I do in my life. One of the main things that I could realize, especially while I spent a week at home, was that sometimes it's easy to lose focus on the main goal you're aiming for and to get consumed in petty situations or circumstances. So I'm really going to push not to let that happen again."

Karin Campman

"The last condition was really tough for me in a way, but I learned so much and I am so grateful for it. I could see that during this condition. I felt that my mind was clearer… not only that, the words 'passion' and 'confidence' played a big role in this condition. I also thought a lot about life, about how I was always scared to make steps in general. During this condition I felt I could push myself more and be passionate for God, just like my parents. I can feel God through my parents most, especially my dad. I feel like I am really on my way to understanding my parents more and more."

Amadeus Nunes

"I saw the fundraising condition as a last chance to become closer to God. Something clicked in my mind to just give it a try and walk the path of a blessed child. I knew it would be tough and that there would be times when I would want to give up, but I also know that it is in those times that we prove to God our dedication and determination to be someone accountable. It's in these times that we put into practice these words, words like investing for God, sacrifice with joy, follow our original mind. It's hard, especially if we hate fundraising, but if we have the right motivation, to sincerely want to offer our investment to God, we can overcome our fallen mind by following our original mind and thus become closer to God. With this mindset I felt I could really improve my relationship with God. My goal is to build my faith towards God, so that I can stick with these principles when I go back home, so that I won't be shaken by society out there. I still need to improve my faith so that it can be solid enough to stand against the world out there."

Jin Beutl

"So, of course I had my doubts and thoughts about my team. I can really say that God gave me this team to learn a lot from them and develop myself. I used to complain and easily judge people at first glance, but being with a team I would have never chosen myself, I grew to love each and every single one of them. Similar to how God loves all of us here. But having this team unity and easy horizontal relationship with each other, it truly helped me in witnessing so much.

Witnessing to me is such an incredible way to experience the heart of a parent; especially experiencing the pain and happiness of God. For me I could come closer to understanding my parents' heart towards me and from their older days of Gung-ho witnessing. I have utmost respect for 1st Gen in this field. Not only did they give their sweat, blood, and tears for many people, but their heart as well. My overall condition so far has been such an amazing experience I wouldn't exchange for anything. Witnessing might be difficult at times, but it's the challenges that you overcome that make you a stronger person. Honestly, I'm just excited to go back and meet with my guests and continue where our team left off." 

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