The Words of the Mira Family

HDFC Prayer Breakfast - Kodiak, Alaska

Nelson Mira
March 31, 2007

March 31, 2007 - Kodiak. Guests gathered on a Prayer Breakfast on the theme, "The Things That Make for Peace - An Effort to Promote Peace in the Middle East". Among the guests was a former Vietnam combat helicopter pilot; three long-time peace activists; and three key church members from different faiths.

Mr. David Cooper, the new Kodiak Hoon Dok Family Church coordinator, gave brief opening remarks. He asked every attendee’s views in attaining peace in the Middle East. Certainly, five minutes for each person’s talk was not enough and the open discussion that followed needed more time. The issue of U.S. troops in Iraq became complicated but David properly facilitated the discussions.

To conclude the event, all bowed their heads for a prayer or meditation for peace in the Middle East. Then the environment of the hall suddenly felt more solemn. Hugs and handshakes followed, and some stayed for more sharing of views.

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