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Youth and Development -- International Day of Peace 2010

Emanuele Militello
September 29, 2010

The United Nations 'International Day of Peace' was celebrated at the UPF UK Headquarters in Lancaster Gate on 23rd September. The event happens to coincide with UN Summit for The Millennium Development Goals with guest speakers' theming their talks on Youth, Peace and Development. We had the pleasure of having Dr David Hoile an expert in Sudan and Darfur, Keldon Alleyne from Lewisham Youth Aid and Seja Majeed from vinspired, the youth volunteering organization, speaking at the event.

We kicked off at 6.30 pm with networking and appetizers, and guests including prominent philanthropist Sheridan Mungal. This was followed by speeches by our speakers with the general focus being on Youth, Peace and Development. Keldon and Seja both talked about their respective organizations role in youth development in London and how clubs and societies can give young people a purpose in life and take them away from crime and violence. Later guests added to the debate with Mr. Mungal and Alan Reigner explaining how it's important to provide father figures/ role models to inner city kids to prevent them going astray.

Over all the night proved a success with an edifying discourse in how to achieve one of the UN's Millennium Development Goals and a chance to celebrate the UN International Day of Peace. One mustn't forget to thank Margaret, Haesul, Joyce and Robin whom organized the evening and manned the doors. 

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