The Words of the Midorikawa Family

Seminar on the Family in Solomon Islands

Chihiro Midorikawa
December 3, 2011
President, UPF-Solomon Islands

Mr. Chihiro Midorikawa giving the introduction to the seminar

Honiara, Solomon Islands -- A one-day leadership seminar on December 3 addressed the theme "The Significance of Marriage and Family for Peace and Human Development." It took place at the Quality Inn Hotel in Honiara.

Selina Galo, president of the Family Federation for World Peace in Solomon Islands, served as master of ceremonies. Mr. Augustine Taneko, Honorary Chairman of UPF-Solomon Islands, opened with a prayer and welcomed the 40 participants to the program about marriage and family as the foundation for building a world of universal peace. He read quotes from the Bible about how peace must start from the family.

"We need to protect and preserve this sacred institution at a time when it is under assault from a wide range of threats," Mr. Chihiro Midorikawa, President of UPF-Solomon Islands said in his introduction to presentations:

"The Benefits of Marriage," by Mr. Cephas Teiraru, Deputy Principal, Bishop Epalle School

Group discussion

"The Family as the School of Love and Peace," by Mrs. Alice Hou, President of the Women's Federation for World Peace-Solomon Islands

"Marriage and Family as Instruments of Peace," by Mr. Joachim Kuman, UPF representative

"Introduction of UPF founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon," by Oceania Leadership Team

Closing remarks by Chihiro Midorikawa and appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace

Participants included leaders from all walks of life. The presentations were well prepared and moved some participants to tears. Among the responses were the following:

"This is the most important seminar on marriage and family which I've ever attended. All the presentations and group discussions are very important and encouraging. The benefits we receive from a sound marriage are much more than being single or divorced. I look forward to attending seminars like this in the future." (NGO volunteer)

"I feel very impressed by 'The Family as a school of Love.' I want to have these hand-out notes." (School teacher)

"Today's seminar is very important. All the presentations we received are true and the family is the foundation for the wonderful journey of the life." (Shipping company director)

"This UPF seminar was timely, and we need to seriously address more people." (Business adviser) 

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