The Words of the Midorikawa Family

Peace Convocation in Solomon Islands

Chihiro Midorikawa
June 30, 2011
UPF -- Solomon Islands

Honiara, Solomon Islands -- A Peace Convocation was held at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel on June 30. The 30 participants included Members of Parliament, government officials, and religious leaders.

Rev. Caleb Kotali gave the invocation, which was followed by a video presentation about the Universal Peace Federation and a welcome by Mr. Chihiro Midorikawa, President of UPF-Solomon Islands. The keynote speech "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will" given by UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon during his 2007 Peace Tour, was read by Mr. Rex Masuaku, Secretary General of UPF-Solomon Islands.

This text resonates deeply with people of the Pacific islands. "The future of humankind lies in the preservation of the Pacific Rim region," it reads. "You have the responsibility to protect and save the oceanic realm, which is the resource on which humanity's future depends, from the environmental destruction and conflicts that are worsening by the day, and shield the raw materials for the sake of peace in the future."

It challenges people to develop oceanic resources: "Where else will you find a treasure-store of raw materials that hold the promise to resuscitate the earth endangered by all manner of pollution and resource exhaustion?"

After presentation of Ambassador for Peace certificates and a copy of the founder's autobiography, Mr. Augustine Taneko, Honorary Chairman of UPF-Solomon Islands, gave closing remarks, followed by a closing prayer by Pastor George Tafoa.

"This is a very important type of seminar," commented Pastor Tafoa afterwards. "It brings light to us as Ambassadors for Peace and encourages us to continue on." Mr. Allen Siau said, "The world need unity! I enjoyed God's presence tonight."

"I was impressed with today's program," Hon. James Tora said. "Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this important UPF Peace Convocation." 

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