The Words of the Midorikawa Family

Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrated in the Solomon Islands

Chihiro Midorikawa
January 28, 2011
President, UPF-Solomon Islands

Honiara, Solomon Islands -- UPF-Solomon Islands sponsored an interfaith forum to commemorate the UN's World Interfaith Harmony Week on January 28. Three guest speakers were invited from different faiths to share a brief introduction to their faith and their thoughts about interfaith harmony. Those representatives were from Buddhism, the Baha'i faith, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mr. Rex Masuaku, Secretary General of UPF-Solomon Islands, also shared some background information about UPF's peace initiatives.

Each presentation was followed by lively questions and answers. Hon. Hypolite Taremae, Minister of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace, who participated in the UPF's Interfaith Assembly held in Korea in October 2010, gave special remarks in support of this interfaith forum to be held once a year.

The program concluded with expressions of hope and understanding amongst participants that religious unity and harmony are possible and they are essential bases for world peace. 

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